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Atlantic storm churning toward Texas

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A large area of showers and thunderstorms arriving from the coast
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Proposed new city budget will be presented today to the San Antonio city council. The runup has emphasized that taxes won't be increased, but look for the devil in the fine print regarding user-fee, license, permit and other charges: they'll probably go through the roof. The city MUST raise money somehow to continue to pay for attracting such things as the $400,000 Cowboys training camp, Donald Trump's Miss USA Wet T-shirt contest, and various "arts" enterprises.

Staff cuts, fee boosts looming for S.A.


Schwarzenegger's liberal views leave GOP flummoxed
", pro-gun control and pro-gay rights.."

...and daddy was a Nazi
Gustav Schwarzenegger was indeed a "storm trooper" or "brown shirt"

Express-News columnist Roddy Stinson
Who's paying for senators' N.M. visit? (you will be amazed)

Democrats' trial-lawyer supporters listed

Ex-prosecutor cleared of drunken driving
Local attorney seen swerving across lanes, has bloodshot eyes, smells of alcohol, fails 3 of 4 sobriety tests-- judge rules there was insufficient cause to pull him over
Note: The traffic stop and the subsequent roadside tests were not videotaped.

Dallas Morning News
Cowboys running low on options

Shortages could cause more riots in Basra

Missile factory in a cargo ship, and other tales of the world's most dangerous arms supplier-- North Korea

Yale law prof comments on Fox suit

Franken's "Fair and Balanced" book now #1 on Drudge reports today "In his book, Franken directly challenges [Bill] O'Reilly on his journalistic record and aggressively accuses cable's top-rated host of exaggeration, padding of his resume and other claims ... The lawsuit does not directly address the content of the book on charges of libel..."

College students to be warned about Jack the Snipper


FDA approves new wheelchair that can climb stairs

iBOT uses sensors and gyroscopes to climb up and down stairs. It also shifts into four-wheel drive to navigate grassy hills and can lift its occupant to standing height.

Movie "extras" are inflated-- really

Vehicle Emissions Tests Don't Help
Go to my clean air page for info.

Citizens Organized for Good Science

Texas Emissions Reduction Plan HERE

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