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INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION visible from San Antonio this evening 9:05 to 9:10, from NW sky, across SW sky, then disappearing on SE horizon. Looks like bright moving star (if object is surrounded by fire with blue sparks shooting out behind it, that's probably something else)

First Bexar County public hearing on
Toll Roads is Tuesday, August 12 (although I'll be damned if I can find one word about it on the Bexar County website as of Sunday midnight) .
There's one story on the issue in the July Headline Archive, and here's another: 8/6/2003
Bexar about to kill Texas 151 toll road scheme

The commander of the 101st Airborne Division, which is on patrol in northern Iraq, has proposed an unusual holiday that would allow his troops to visit home once in their lengthy tours of duty. STORY

Deployed to Kuwait right now & sure do miss your show and the KTSA live & local coverage. Really get a kick out of your show when I'm home, but at least I can still check your website & get some local info.
SMSgt Russ Habighorst
Camp Wolf, Kuwait

Thanks for being there, Russ. Come home safe and soon. -Brad
Note: As of Saturday night, this site had received 7,265 hits in the 9 days of August from U.S. military installations.

London Guardian: "Jittery US soldiers" kill Iraqi family

Dems ask Bush to step into Texas redistricting

Offense woes: Decisions on Cowboys much tougher now

U.S. says California is flouting pot laws

Unknowing Web surfers could find themselves charged with possessing illegal material that a lurking software program has put on their computer. STORY

Segway surviving but not selling well

A recent report warning that electronic voting systems are prime targets for hackers has led Md. officials to reconsider their $55.6 million purchase of 11,000 touch-screen voting machines. STORY Since being released two weeks ago, the Hopkins report has sent shock waves across the country. Some states have backed away from purchasing any kind of electronic voting machine...

I've been traveling and haven't heard your show for a while, so the topic of voting machines locally may be old-news. However, if it is still current, you may want to check out some tech reports at Network World magazine, better known as "". Just search on "voting machine" and you'll get some current/very recent article hits, mostly relative to Maryland. Best regards,

Lawmakers targeting obesity (take that, smoking ban!)

Massive U.S. consumer database cracked

U.S. prosecuting "Iraq human shield" woman

Jack the Snipper pervert frightening college town

Trouble after reporting her friend as unsafe driver

Wedding day will be couple's first kiss

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"An Ellicott, Colo., woman has been sentenced to 64 years imprisonment for torturing her 6-year-old son. A judge, a doctor, a prosecutor and three police officers called the case the worst child abuse they've seen." STORY

"Britain's country parks, beauty spots and picnic areas are attracting a new breed of visitor: exhibitionist couples eager to have sex in front of strangers. The activity, known as 'dogging', has exploded in popularity in the past two years..." STORY

Vehicle Emissions Tests Don't Help
Go to my clean air page for info.

Citizens Organized for Good Science

Texas Emissions Reduction Plan HERE