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Concrete Technology of San Antonio BEAUTIFUL WORK!

Those touch screen voting machines: how do you know your vote was recorded as you intended? HERE

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Biniki: the Butt Bra
"..Biniki works because of a unique three ring system that adjusts to the wearer's body, with the adjustable leg loops riding just under the buttocks, where the buttocks and thighs meet."
Thanks, Chuck

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Cost of the War in Iraq
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Friday: Ex-CIA operative Robert Baer, author of "Sleeping With the Devil, How Washington Sold our Soul for Saudi Crude"
"Over the past decade, Saudi Arabia has transferred half a billion dollars to al Qaeda and at least $100 million to the Taliban"

Last month in North Dakota. Click HERE for lots more...
Thanks, Cal

City Council
Smoking Ban
revisions to be considered tomorrow (Thur.) by San Antonio City Council (Item 4 on agenda)
will apply to private businesses, too!
Also interesting is the magician's trick of pulling $25,000 from back in 1999 to be spent in 2003 (item 66)
Item 67 is to accept $5M+ from Homeland Security for "purchase of anti-terrorism and weapons of mass destruction incident related equipment.."
Items 73 thru 87 are "contingency budget" monies including some school supplies for church kids, $350 for a Pop Warner team, $200 for a neighborhood association's Night Out event, $2800 for a Back to School fair, $1920 for Foster Grandparents, and so on. Many council members are trying to spend their slush funds in anticipation of a vote on Item 88 to end slush funds and turn their balances back into the city general fund.

Kids frightened by Bexar wrong-house drug raid

Man fined after roping alligator Thanks, Chuck

Man burned son's tongue with lighter for lying

Dewhurst mulling legal action to return Democrats

Woman dead in meat grinder

Victims of Pakistani acid attacks to get surgery

IRS not persuing anti-tax businessmen

Airports will screen certain items more closely
It astounds me that airport screeners haven't ALREADY been checking for hollow or explosives-filled cameras, radios and such. If we were serious, we'd have been doing it from the day after 9-11.

Kid bomb-maker blows off hand

Mullet wigs a hit
It's stupid. It's crazy. People are buying them," Koller said.

British heatwave: London hits all-time record 95 (!)


Your position on this issue [Smoke Ban] implies that one restaurant is just as good as another! The restaurants that advertise on your station would not agree with this. You tell nonsmokers to go to another restaurant. What if they like the food at the one they are at and don't want to go to another? There is also the historical fact that when there were no smoking bans there were no nonsmoking restaurants for people to go to. It seems that the market needs a little help here.
Ronald N.

Thanks for including contacts for the city and county officials with the e-mails and phone numbers! It really is a great help. I have used the information and appreciate you making it available. I listen to you daily on KTSA. Keep the S--T flowing. Great job!
Richard T.

Dear Brad:
You hit the nail on the head. Most of us aren't the least bit concerned about redistricting. We're concerned about our military personnel in Iraq, education, jobs, taxes, and the economy...

Bexar about to kill Texas 151 toll road scheme

First Bexar County public hearing on the Toll Road issue will be next Tuesday, August 12. I'll have reminders here. A story on the local toll road issue is in the July Headline Archive.

Vehicle Emissions Tests Don't Help
Go to my clean air page for info.

Citizens Organized for Good Science

Texas Emissions Reduction Plan HERE