Claim: A bill passed by the Texas legislature will outlaw using a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle as of 1 September 2003.
Status: False.
Documentation here


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Cowboys training camp

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Feds issue another Internet attack warning due to Microsoft software security flaw

San Antonio Housing Authority contractors were told in 2001 to keep Commissioners in the dark about Spring View housing development problems

Heidi Search Center hunts for donations


US shifts rhetoric on Iraq goals
As the search for illegal weapons in Iraq continues, the Bush administration has moved to emphasize a different rationale for the war against Saddam Hussein

Bush considers Constitutional change to ban gay marriage
He surely is paying a lot of attention to this tiny issue, isn't he.

Israel bans mixed marriages
No, not that kind

California tax money at work: $400,000 AIDS memorial designed in the form of the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl

JB Hunt discontinues driver-cloning project
Says clones are reason for most JB Hunt jokes, other problems

Debate grows over police role in AWOL senators' flight
Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst ... had threatened to have the Senate sergeant-at-arms' office hire off-duty police officers to go to New Mexico to arrest and return the senators to Austin. The Republican lieutenant governor has since moderated his position

Half-million more quit looking for jobs
businesses unexpectedly cut 44,000 jobs in July, and nearly half a million Americans stopped looking for work.

NY Times
On the lam, Texas Democrats rough it

Mysterious bulge in Yellowstone Lake bottom
"We're thinking this structure could be a precursor to an hydrothermal explosive event," Morgan said last week. "But we don't think this is a volcano."

DNA extractable from fingerprints

Kid is neighborhood celeb after being hit by lightning
"It was pretty cool, but I thought it would've left a bigger scar -- not like a little dot," says Hector Lopez, 12. "I thought it'd be a way serious injury."

Freak milk-machine accident hurts 6 at county fair

First Toyota-related firm commits to San Antonio

Flasher bitten on testicles

Russian wants to sell "Hitler's penis"


Thanks, Jack ------GOOD MEN AT WAR

First Bexar County public hearing on the Toll Road issue will be Tuesday, August 12. I'll have reminders here. A story on the local toll road issue is in the July Headline Archive.

Vehicle Emissions Tests Don't Help
Go to my clean air page for info.
Citizens Organized for Good Science
Texas Emissions Reduction Plan HERE