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Claudette hit 100+mph

Corpus Christi Caller-Times photo slideshow


Brad: You really ought to have a link to the Victoria Advocate for Claudette news. Stories are continuing to develop and tomorrow's edition will have even more information re: damage, people who saved lives, etc. The Corpus newspaper link you have is a joke.
Jennifer S.


Clean Air SNAFU gets stupider and stupider
"in addition to the already likely possibility that San Antonio residents will face mandatory vehicle emissions tests, other measures might now be required, such as lower speed limits and the use of cleaner but more expensive fuel in government fleets."

Clean Air meeting walkout tonight?
If you think Bexar County elected reps go to the public meetings you are wrong.

Unless at least one elected official from Bexar County attends the AACOG "Ozone Workshop" meeting scheduled for TONIGHT July 16th, from 6:30-8:30pm, I am going to urge all who are in attendance to walk out of the meeting.
It is unfair to the citizens of San Antonio that the people who will be voting on the Early Action Compact list of "Creditable and Enforceable Clean Air Strategies" have not been present at any of the public meetings held by AACOG. To date, only Comal County Commissioner Jay Millikan has attended the public meetings.
Although AACOG assures everyone that all comments from the citizens who come to these meetings are being forwarded to area officials, those who have attended these meetings are left with the impression that local politicians do not care to hear from the citizens of Bexar and surrounding counties on this important issue.
Even though the vocal majority of those attending the public meetings has been against vehicle emissions testing, the governmental push for needlessly testing at least 80% of our vehicles, even when the EPA is beginning to doubt the entire program, continues in the current draft of Early Action "Creditable and Enforceable Clean Air Strategies".

Mark Langford
Citizens Organized for Good Science

Vehicle Emissions Tests Don't Help
Go to my clean air page for info.
Texas Emissions Reduction Plan HERE


Trial set in Brit human catapult death

Scot kid torturers get short prison terms
"I was electrocuted in the boot room.
"Brother Benedict saw that as some sort of kick.
"Your punishment was to stand there while he turned these sort of dials. You were shaking. You could not let go."

Ford police car mod fails tests, gas tank "split like a melon"

Core of weapons case crumbling
Paul Reynolds , BBC News Online world affairs correspondent
"Of the nine main conclusions in the British government document "Iraq's weapons of mass destruction", not one has been shown to be conclusively true."
Tests on a suspected mobile lab have not been unambiguous


Having been in the chemical business for some time, I would offer that mobile units to make pestisides is exactly what one would want to make other toxins. Soft sides, porus sides, in fact are just what you want. Easy to open, working in remote areas where dilution is your friend. Would you want to work in an enclosed trailer in 100+ degree heat. Removable sides for neutralizations and quick wash downs is a prime design criteria. I'm surprized that your missing these obvious points. My suggestion would be for you to investigate all sides of issues before you draw such firm conclusions, when it's obvious you don't know what your talking about. It's important to recognize that there has been more brain power brought to bear on the Iraqi situation, than the sniping you attempt to muster.

Reuters: U.S. troops shocked by move to keep them in Iraq

Intelligence Unglued
by Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity

Washington Post
Bush faced dwindling Iraq evidence
"A review of speeches and reports, plus interviews with present and former administration officials and intelligence analysts, suggests that almost all the evidence on Iraq's nuclear program prior to the State of the Union had either been undercut or disproved by U.N. inspectors in Iraq."

G.I. in Iraq convoy killed by rocket grenade

Columbia astronauts lived a minute after last signal

Cuba reportedly jamming US radio to Iran

Under-endowed man cleared in flashing case

Woman killed husband with hot wax

Largest deficit in American history, GOP still wants tax cuts


German Shepherd Dog Rescue
3rd Taco Cabana benefit night
Friday 25th of July 6-10pm
Loop 410 and Perrin Beitel
Taco Cabana will donate 20% of all the meals generated to the rescue effort! Just show up: eat, drink and drop your receipt in the benefit bowl on the counter!
Sue Rachall
German Shepherd Dog Rescue nonprofit group volunteer




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