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New butterfly exhibit at San Antonio Zoo

WELCOME HOME 4th Battalion 133rd Field Artillery!

Bush may decide today on troops to Liberia

San Antonio Express-News
Redistricting bill is pulled for tweaking
Yesterday, state representative Ruth Jones McClendon (Dem., San Antonio) told me the redistricting map was "a dummy" and the real one would be revealed by the GOP in due time. This story certainly does not contradict her insight.

Schubert urges Councilmen's $20K slush funds be ended
As the Dist. 9 councilman said the other day on my radio program, it isn't necessarily the best use of tax money to fund neighborhood events, scouts, kids' baseball teams, church events and such— private funds should be raised.

Plot against Santa a CIA SECRET One of the CIA's deepest and darkest secrets -- a classified report about a plot by the "Ebenezer Scrooge" terrorist group to attack Santa Claus and his reindeer -- has finally been revealed after almost 30 years. ".. historians compared the censored and uncensored versions of the document and realized the CIA considered a decades-old joke about Santa Claus as a matter of the utmost national security."


Got broadband? Click on this for a fine 139K fireworks picture


The old "quote from an unidentified story" trick—
"She told the court: 'I turned to face my bedroom wall and a luminous green and pink fly flew out and down my throat. That's when it started choking me.'" STORY

The Eden of apples may be a Godsend
The survival of apples in the Kazakh forest where they first appeared some 6,000 years ago may help scientists produce disease-resistant hybrids that could save an industry wracked by scourges brought about by a shallow gene pool.


Drunks abuse innocent man over missing beer keg

Grizzly abuses campers' Doritos

Mensa confab plans Cartoon Character costume ball

Plain ol' flu could be a WMD

Toyya Braskey lives with 100 cats. They are her life. Now Houston says they have to go.
Cat-lover ponders vet bills while dancing topless
Toyya Braskey's friends and critics agree on one thing: She's "an unusual woman."

New York Times editorial
Picking workers' pockets
"The Bush administration, which has the very bad habit of smiling at working people while siphoning money from their pockets, is trying to change the federal Fair Labor Standards Act in a way that could cause millions of workers to lose their right to overtime pay."

DFW cuts back workers: "uncertain times"

Vehicle Emissions Tests Don't Help
Go to my clean air page for info.

Blackouts Deepen Iraq's Dark Days
"On Baghdad's streets, blackouts fuel a growing nostalgia for former president Saddam Hussein among people who only weeks ago cheered the fall of his government and welcomed the arrival of U.S. troops."

Mixed-gender human embryos produced in lab
"Scientists in Chicago have for the first time made human embryos that are part male and part female, raising ethics questions and prompting calls for more oversight of the rapidly evolving field of human embryo manipulation."

National swimming records zapped: pool 1/2 inch short

License plate spray foils red-light cameras

Study: dung beetles navigate by the moon

4th of July email

Thank you for supporting our troops. Our son is currently in Iraq, he was there during Operation Desert Storm.Yesterday was his wedding anniversary and today,the 4th, is his birthday. Please continue your prayers and support for our sons ans daughters serving all over the world. Thank You! John and Beverly Thompson, Banquete Texas. And for Sgt. James J.Smith -- Stationed Ft. Hood Tx. Deployed Iraq

HI Brad,I just wanted to take a few minutes of your time to tell you about my Uncle Jay Waltman since today is July 4 Independance Day. My Uncle Jay served during WW2. He was surrounded by Battle, it was so much for him,he suffered from what I think they called Shell Shock in thoses days. When he was released from the Military he biught a Farm and he got Married. Not long after that he was in the field and he was struck by lightning. So along with Lightning, War, and Shell Shock he became no longer able to function in Regular Society. His wife soon divorced him after he went to the Veterans Nursing Home. He spent the remainder of his life in th Coatseville Veterans Nursing Home in Pennsylvania. I think he gave the worst way by having to sit around and not have a functional life. Having to live a useless remainder of his life in the Coatesville Veterans Nursing Home. That alomst totaled 50 years. What a price he paid for our Freedom.I surley hope he will not be forgotten on July 4. He will be missed I assure you. Best Regards,

Thought you would appreciate this from the retired disabled vets - "Our Bumper sticker".

From George W. Bush
"To the veteran, we owe gratitude -- shown not just in words of tribute, but in acts of care and attention. ... As president, I will work with Congress to raise the standard of service -- not just for veterans, but for our military retiree. All of them must be treated with the care they have been promised and the dignity they have earned."

September 6, 2000-American Legion, Milwaukee Wisconsin
"In order to make sure that morale is high with those who wear the uniform today, we must keep our commitment to those who wore the uniform in the past…We will make sure promises made to our veterans will be promises kept."

January 19, 2001-Pre-Inaugural comment to military retirees/veterans in Washington, DC
"My administration understands America's obligations not only to those who wear the uniform today, but to those who wore the uniform in the past -- our veterans."

Mr. President, not one of these promises has been kept.


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