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Chip Bok - Akron Beacon Journal

Gardener finds, returns bag of cash
Berkeley professor moves office to lawn
Harry Potter Braille edition is 13 volumes
Vehicle Emissions Tests Don't Help
Go to my clean air page for info.

Texas legislature special session to rehash failed bills
Perry asked lawmakers [to] allow him to keep confidential the documents he uses in drafting a proposed state budget ... after Attorney General Greg Abbott ruled the documents were open records in response to requests from media, including the San Antonio Express-News.
Items added to agenda by Gov. Perry HERE

Dems: redistricting scheme "total sham"

Big insurance firms won't cut Texas rates

Court orders removal of Ten Commandments monument

Family suing vet after dog dies from getting teeth pulled

"He said this has hurt his daughter and his reputation in the hog show circles." Story HERE

Man who shot deputy with arrow is released


Couple ordered to stop squealing and groaning during sex
"Your honour I can't make love properly unless my wife screams. It's like having sex with a cushion."

Jail time possible for killing hawk that got pet chicken

Robot 'football' world cup

Man phones company 100 times after being plagued by marketing calls

Man sues Wal-Mart after being hit by dog food bowls

Nude photo email gins ex-fiance lawsuit
ABC signs CNN's Kate Snow
Wash. Times hissy over medicine pot


U.S. urban surveillance system
"..an urban surveillance system the Pentagon is developing ... is designed to track and analyze the movement of every vehicle in a city."
"Scientists and privacy experts - who have seen face-recognition technology used at a Super Bowl and monitoring cameras in London - are concerned about the potential impact of the emerging DARPA technologies if they are applied to civilians by commercial or government agencies outside the Pentagon."



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Mayor joins garbage crew


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CBS News ratings tank
"..you would probably have to go back to the early days of television to find a lesser-watched week."

District 2 City Councilman Joel Williams is seeking volunteers. Call 207-7278 to find out what needs to be done, or click his name to email

4th of July Fireworks
9 pm Six Flags
9:15 Landa Park, New Braunfels
9:15 Pickrell Park, Schertz
9:30 Sea World
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10 pm WOODLAWN LAKE, San Antonio
10 pm Randolph AFB
11 pm Lackland AFB
Dark Kendall County Fairgrounds, Boerne

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