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The San Antonio Express-News' editorial on local air pollution lacked balance and contained errors. The editorial, and a Citizens Organized for Good Science refutation, on my clean air page

Email reports tell of (1) a man who put a power drill up his nose to cure an itch, hurt himself, and is suing for $25M. and (2) this guy with a different nose situation

Accurate or not?


Photographer said "art" but jury said "porn" " After their verdict, jurors questioned Tovar’s court-appointed attorneys on why they never brought in an art expert to testify in their client’s behalf. Attorney David Cuellar said he was working under a limited budget..."

US troops to Africa? Officials in Washington met round the clock over the weekend to plan a possible armed response [in Liberia] - its first mission to Africa since the disastrous intervention in Somalia almost a decade ago.

Feds increasingly using privacy exemption

Waiting for a bus that will never come

Deputies arrest naked burglar

GM's new pitch: an apology

The Smoking Gun
David Carradine divorce: sexual deviancy and so on

Who Lost the WMD?
As the weapons hunt intensifies, so does the finger pointing

Iraqis outraged at US shooting of 12-year-old

U.S. forces storm Iraqi towns in massive sweep
The raids by the 4th Infantry Division and Task Force Ironhorse troops which began early Sunday came as the U.S. civilian administrator of Iraq said U.S. forces must kill or capture Saddam so he can no longer be a rallying point for anti-coalition attacks.

U.S. grapples with refugee challenge in Iraq
Handling the return of millions of Iraqis who fled to other countries or were driven from their homes during Saddam Hussein's rule stands as one of the most daunting long-term challenges for the U.S. administrators running Iraq.

Convincing Iraqis that US troops are in Iraq to help them is an uphill battle

G.I. Joe collectors' convention
Internet huge, huger

Japanese return to WWII internment camp

Big surprise about human underwater vision

Three computer programs to spy on those you love

ABC News tests start Reagan-is-dead rumor

"To be honest, I don't think 7 inches is all that long," he says. "Yes, it's big, but it may not be a record breaker." STORY

Nausea-free pregnancy?
Kid allowances

Trial date set in grisly Brownsville child murders
The couple confessed, Brownsville police have testified, to severing their children's heads with a large kitchen knife, pausing to clean house and have sex between the slayings.

"I don't look like the average lesbian. They look like boys, they don't shave under their arms, they have short hair. They just automatically assume that I'm straight." STORY

We Don't Need Vehicle Emissions Tests
Don't Clean Up Air
Go to my clean air page for info updated 6/29/2003

Car and Driver magazine's editor told me 6/23/2003 that tailpipe emissions tests are virtually useless. I'm still occasionally replaying the clip on my programs, hoping that AACOG Clean Air Planners will hear it and be embarrassed.

Brad, Do you really think that a few audio clips from your conversation with Car and Driver's editor will embarrass anyone at AACOG?  Know any more good jokes? Aside from Forest Mims there isn't anyone on AACOG with the brainpower to even begin to understand how wrong they are. Besides they have proven that they are more interested in using junk science (It's junk science when the monitors are 10 % to 50% off) to enslave everybody within a 50 mile radius of San Antonio...

Ward's AutoWorld EPA emissions test story has been moved to June Headline Archive under June 18 as well as my clean air page

Vehicle emissions testing – the $40 Inspection Tag – is a possibility under the area Clean Air Plan now being formulated (see Express-News story 5/29/2003 Clean-air strategies cautiously approved).

Email or phone yourSan Antonio councilman and Bexar county commissioner. Easy contact links are always in my left column at Mayor/Council phones+e-mail and Bexar Cmsn phones+email

Find good CLEAN AIR info at Citizens Organized for Good Science



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