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Law lets state take homes of patients

BULLETIN 6/12/2003 10:24 a.m.
TCEQ recommends Bexar be deferred from Clean Air non-attainment status, other 3 counties crossed off list
Could this kill the AACOG Clean Air Plan now being worked on? It appears that the Clean Air Plan partner counties - Wilson, Guadalupe and Comal - have been let off the hook, at least for now.

email 6/12/2003

I attended the AACOG Air Technical Committee meeting "No swimming alert mulled for clean air" (June 11).
A research paper co-authored by Dr. Jim Neece, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, reported that swimming pools in the Houston area produce 5-7 parts per billion ozone.
Mr. Pete Breitenbach, a TCEQ air modeler, repudiated his co-worker's findings. Presenting no scientific calculations and unscaled graphs, Breitenbach declared pools only produced 1-2 ppb ozone.
Still, this amount would make pools the third largest ozone source in San Antonio.
The committee rejected swimming pool testing, but continues to support vehicle emissions testing. Soon, poor car owners may be paying big bucks for testing and repairs while rich people enjoy their ozone producing pools.
Charles Ruppert. Cibolo [he's the mayor]

I posted this yesterday 6/11/2003 and reprint it for reference:
Close-minded bureaucrats?
Is it just me, or are some of the Clean Air Plan people on another planet? Look at today's Express-News story No swimming alert mulled for clean air and note the attitudes of (paragraph 6, 7) Renee Green, chairwoman of the committee and environmental services director for Bexar County, and (paragraph 8) Steven Smeltzer, an AACOG environmental manager. Are these people thinking clearly, and open to ideas, or are they close-minded bureaucrats with already-made-up minds? And farther down the story, note that we aren't open to anti-pollution ideas unless someone else has tried them first.


Tailpipe Testing Issue
AACOG 9:00 a.m. this Saturday June 14
The first at which they will answer questions!")
Air Quality Public Meeting details

"It is crucial that Bexar County fill this meeting. That's the only way AACOG will understand people care." -Forrest M. Mims III

Vehicle emissions testing – the $40 Inspection Tag – is a possibility under the area Clean Air Plan now being formulated (see Express-News story 5/29/2003 Clean-air strategies cautiously approved).
Email or phone your councilman and county commissioner
. Easy contact links are always in my left column at Mayor/Council phones+e-mail and Bexar Cmsn phones+email also find good CLEAN AIR info at Citizens Organized for Good Science

Dallas News 6/10/03 Seguin Gazette Enterprise 6/5/03
Clean Air Plan critics call for EPA control
Dallas News 6/10/03
Dallas area makes play for a clean-air delay


TONIGHT in Hondo
5-7pm at McDowell middle school (1602 27th St.) public meeting regarding environmental issues in connection with the proposed Vulcan Materials quarry at Quihi. (Only environmental issues and NOT the scheme to condemn private land for a rail spur to the quarry). Info at 512 419-5141. Vulcan's regional executive told me yesterday that he will be there and will be happy to talk with citizens about the project.

San Antonio City Council: today's agenda here
New council to hear smoking-ban debate

Future of Texas children looks bleak
"Texas children are the least likely to have health insurance and are more likely to live in poverty, drop out of high school and give birth as teenagers.."

N.E. Methodist wants settlement kept secret


Newsman David Brinkley dead in Houston at 82
Gregory Peck dead at 87

FTC wants more anti-spam power

Valedictorian to skip graduation, fearing classmates plan to boo her

Bra guy can tell woman's size ten feet away

I'm not the Chris Custer who was masturbating by the road

Did Hillary write her own book or not?

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Emailed to me and posted here 6/12/2003
At the inaugural awards ceremony of the Texas Radio Hall of Fame in 2002

On the left is one of the radio guys whom I respect the very most, Herb Humphries, who created the Westinghouse All-News format at KFWB/Los Angeles: "You give us 20 minutes, we'll give you the world." Herb is truly a class act, ultimate news pro, and legitimate radio legend. I worked for him at KNOW/Austin in 1963. That's Herb's friend next to him, and my wonderful wife Carole to my left.