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Seguin Gazette Enterprise 6/5/03
Clean Air Plan critics call for EPA control

Tailpipe Testing Issue

AACOG 9:00 a.m. this Saturday June 14

The first at which they will answer questions!

Air Quality Public Meeting details

email to Brad
This is a huge breakthrough.
I hope you can be at this meeting to ask some of the reasonable questions you have asked on air. It is crucial that Bexar County fill this meeting. That's the only way AACOG will understand people care.
The only reason AACOG will answer questions is they finally met their match in the form of some angry elected officials in Wilson County who didn't get to ask questions a few weeks ago in their public meeting. The AACOG web site has also said citizens can ask questions at these meetings. The web site doesn't say that questions will not be answered.
I represent Guadalupe County on two AACOG committees, and they wouldn't even allow me to answer a basic question a citizen asked about the difference in air pollution here and in Denver, Colorado (where I once lived in the Air Force).
Judge Marvin Quinney is a big AACOG booster, but they even managed to offend him. For the first time, he got to see one of my Power Point shows on what is wrong with the clean air plan. He also heard two of his commissioners complain about not being able to ask questions. At last week's AIR Executive Committee, Judge Quinney asked for help in responding to the questions that I have raised. They didn't even respond to his plea for help! Really amazing. The end result of this is that AACOG removed from the web site the fact citizens can answer questions.

Best regards,

Forrest M. Mims III
Vice-Chairman, Environmental Science Section, Texas Academy of Science; Guadalupe County representative, Alamo Area Council of Governments (AACOG) AIR Advisory Committee AACOG AIR Technical Advisory Committee; Air Quality Advisor, Guadalupe County Commissioners Court

Vehicle emissions testing – the $40 Inspection Tag – is a possibility under the area Clean Air Plan now being formulated (see Express-News story 5/29/2003 Clean-air strategies cautiously approved).
Email or phone your councilman and county commissioner
. Easy contact links are always in my left column at Mayor/Council phones+e-mail and Bexar Cmsn phones+email also find good CLEAN AIR info at Citizens Organized for Good Science


Finally! Spec Ops' side of story of Pvt. Lynch rescue

Proposed quarry in Castroville area seeks authority to condemn private citizens' land to build a rail line

Powell and Rice say data on Iraq not slanted

Iraq Most Wanted card decks fastest fad ever

In interview, Barbara "more recognizably human" than Hillary Tom Shales commentary

Tiny, trackable chip is just a speck
Computer chips the size of grains of sand have become the latest trend among manufacturers seeking to track everything from automobiles to underwear to razor blades.
    The new technology can fix the exact location of virtually any consumer product and the humans who wear and carry the items.

Little girl tangled in balloon, swept 40 miles to her death

Frat boys charged in U.C. fish theft

Man dies after being beaten with woman's size 12 shoe

Saturday -- My 11-year-old grandson Joseph took his first ultralight flight.




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Tiny tracking chips
Spec Ops on Pvt. Lynch
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