Unemployed adults – including recent college graduates, laid-off tech workers and senior citizens on tight pensions – are willing to work in fast food, retail, coffee shops and other jobs typically filled by teens.




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Clear Channel buys FCC (story down column)

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U.S. troops will leave Korea DMZ after 50 years

Dad cheats on Mom, she makes him a "special" sandwich
SAWS needs more water rate increases
Malnourished 4-year-old found dead in home
Mortgage rates at another all-time low

Sobbing Serena booed off court by French

NY Smoking ban here, then gone, will return
Austin Bars, clubs in new Austin smoke ban Thanks Vic

Dems want Killer D manhunt files: FBI helped hunt?

Media consolidation a cozy situation
Center for Public Integrity ... examined the travel records of F.C.C. employees and found that over the last eight years, commissioners and staff members have taken 2,500 trips costing $2.8 million that were "primarily" paid for by members of the telecommunications and broadcast industries.

Clear Channel buys FCC Thanks Joe P.
WASHINGTON (AP)-- The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced today that it has agreed to be acquired by Clear Channel Communications (CCU) of San Antonio, Texas.
In announcing the deal, FCC Chairman Michael Powell said "This transaction will greatly expedite the demise of the antiquated concept of local ownership of media outlets. Critics of deals such as this need to understand that Clear Channel embodies all that is good and decent in the broadcast industry. Anyone that believes otherwise clearly isn't listening to the news."
In a statement issued today, Clear Channel CEO Lowry Mays said "This acquisition is a perfect strategic fit for Clear Channel. The FCC has been a wonderful business partner for the past several years, and has carried out our directions with great enthusiasm. We are proud to welcome the FCC into the Clear Channel family of companies." Although terms of the deal were not immediately available, It is said that the acquisition will include all components, operating units and assets of the FCC, except for its soul, which was sold in a prior transaction to Satan, Inc. in 1996.
Clear Channel, which owns broadcast facilities, shopping malls, billboard advertising, and concert promotion units all across North America, has been on an acquisition binge for the past several years, and has recently broadened the scope of its acquisitions to include government entities. In a recent deal, CCU purchased a 50% interest in the U.S. Congress, and is reportedly close to striking a deal to purchase The White House.

Iraq hero tipster gets job as D.C. lobbyist May 1
Rescued POW Jessica Lynch has "amnesia" May 5
Toronto Star exclusive
The REAL "Saving Private Lynch" May 5
Saving Private Lynch story 'flawed' May 15 BBC "one of the most stunning pieces of news management ever conceived."
US rejects BBC Lynch report May 20 BBC had reported the American story of the rescue was "one of the most stunning pieces of news management ever conceived".
Does the Pentagon have amnesia on Pvt. Lynch? June 2 Letter from Dennis J. Kucinich, Ranking Minority Member, Subcommittee on National Security, to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld


Senate votes to double ethanol use
U.S. Senators remind me of that Broadway show tune "She's just a girl who can't say no" after vote to double the amount of ethanol in gasoline-- and here come the campaign donations from the corn-growing states.

Ex-jailer convicted of peeing on inmates

Vehicle emissions testing – the $40 Inspection Tag – is a possibility under the area Clean Air Plan now being formulated (see Express-News story 5/29/2003 Clean-air strategies cautiously approved).
Email or phone your councilman and county commissioner
. Easy contact links are always in my left column at Mayor/Council phones+e-mail and Bexar Cmsn phones+email also find good CLEAN AIR info at Citizens Organized for Good Science
To promote a contemplated April Fool's Day festival, Mayor Gerald R. Sherratt of Cedar City, Utah, published in local papers a tall tale about how wandering Vikings had left precious ancient artifacts in a local cave.  Most residents seem to have gotten the joke, but various readers in the nearby town of St. George stepped forward to lay claim to the supposed treasure found in the cave, several of them saying "their ancestors had been part of the settlement and had owned some of the artifacts. ...When Sherratt explained the whole story was made up to promote the festival, the St. George residents accused him and other officials of a cover-up."  (Paul Rolly and JoAnn Jacobsen-Wells, "Ad Flap Is Stranger Than Fiction", Salt Lake Tribune, May 26).


San Antonio
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Brad's 10-Foot Poll
posted 9:30 a.m.
In Hillary's new book, she claims she believed Bill's enemies made up the Monica story and that she didn't know the truth until just before he had to spill the beans under oath.
She's lying
She really didn't know

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