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I was doing some research this morning, comparing Houston's ozone season from last year and this year.
>From March thru May 25th, 2003, Houston ozone monitors have gone over the 85ppb daily average 57 times. This compares with 7 times last year at this time. From my understanding, all of the cars in the Houston area should have now been tested, since they started their emissions testing program last year.
I'm really impressed with these numbers.... it makes me feel real confident that we might have 8 times as many high ozone days after testing our cars!
Citizens Organized for Good Science
Mark Langford-President
PS: Depending on the month, there are an additional 1-2 monitors this year in the Houston area, but with a total of over 20 monitoring stations, the difference is minimal.
PS2: As I have been saying so many times before, high ozone events are linked to uncontrollable meteorological events that transport outside ozone, smoke and pollution into our areas.

Dear Brad:
Mark Langford is on target about Houston's ozone problem. Thus far emission testing seems to have had no noticeable effect.
It is vital that San Antonians know that emissions from the CPS plants at Calaveras Lake have pushed San Antonio over the ozone limits on several occasions. This happened on June 18, 2002, and is documented on the TCEQ web site. The same thing almost happened again last week.
Shutting down CPS coal burning for 6-8 hours a day when the wind is from the southeast on potentially bad ozone days just might keep San Antonio in compliance. It will certainly cause far lower readings at the Marshall High School and Camp Bullis monitors than testing every car in your city. This strategy will cost much less than testing cars.
Best regards,
Forrest M. Mims III
Vice-Chairman, Environmental Science Section
Texas Academy of Science

Tailpipe Emissions Test Issue Mark Langford of Citizens Organized for Good Science attended a meeting of the AACOG Air Tech Advisory Committee (5/23/03) at which recommended control strategies were presented to the Executive Committee. Tailpipe emissions testing WAS recommended. Yeah, I know, you're shocked, shocked! There are several more steps in this Clean Air Plan proposal before it would become final. If you have an opinion on the $40 car inspection proposal NOW is the time to email or call the San Antonio mayor and your council member if he isn't in jail. Council links are always in my left column and the Clean Air issue pages are here, too (at the bottom)

Hi Brad,
The SA campaign finance database I initially brought to your attention has been online for 1 month. Since you have aided and abetted in this experiment, I will apprise you of its progress.
Peak usage occured on election day, May 3, with 422 page loads. The following week there were an average of 100 page loads per day. One week after the election, May 10, usage had dwindled to 8 page loads and, thereafter, steadily declined to 0. It has remained there since.
There was a lone, supportive comment submitted to the feedback section by someone named Brad.
There are 2 ways to interpret these data. One, usage was alarmingly poor considering the size of the city, the absence of comparable information anywhere else, and the recent exposure of a criminal element in the city government. On the other hand, interest in campaign activity is probably tied to voter turnout. If the latter is low, the former can't be expected to be any better.
Ever the optimist, I have resumed work and updated the database to the best of my ability. I have also completed a similar database for Austin and I plan on compiling Houston's at some point too. Like SA, neither city provides a database.
Jay Kumar

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