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This Saturday May 24th - Click for Info

CIA pre-war Iraq intel being investigated
"...a range of issues related to Iraq, including those concerning Bagdhad's links to terrorism and unconventional weapons, officials said. The team plans to compare those reports with what has actually been discovered in Iraq since the war ended."

1 Chicks booed at ACM awards show
2 Carter and McBride show up in same dress (with photo)

Dems and liberals going nutty over this
Dancing With the Devil
Why are the hapless Dixie Chicks facing more criticism than Halliburton, the slithery multinational that has made zillions doing business in countries that sponsor terrorism?
Bob Herbert: Let's see. Who's less patriotic, the Dixie Chicks or Dick Cheney's long-term meal ticket, the Halliburton Company?

Texas and other states lower test standards

Dems fume over DPS destroying Killer D records

1 Macarena comments on NY Times Blair stories
2 I was Macarena's mentor at the NY Times "She once told me that her father's only goal for her back then was that she land a job in a building with air-conditioning."

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