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Mayor Ed Garza trying to quietly fast-track scheme to put $50-60M in pocket of developer who made his own (Aquifer recharge zone) property a blighted area and now wants tax money to fix it up Editorial
Background: Mayor pushing TIF over aquifer

Men cringe before Annika the Impaler Ready or not, here she comes

Dallas News The Annika Factors USA Network plans to show each of Ms. Sorenstam's shots no matter when she plays ... and cover the rest of the field after that, if time allows.

First public hearing this Thursday
Garza proposes bar smoking ban
Would prohibit smoking "within 25 feet" of a business

So does that put River Walk tourists in the middle of the water to smoke?

Texas Comptroller for $1 tax hike on smokes

Grandma charged with beating death of 4-year-old while Ft. Hood mom was deployed in Iraq

Vegans who kept daughter on diet sentenced: "too weak to cry" Prosecutors argued that the Swintons treated Ice like a gerbil, feeding her ground nuts, fresh-squeezed juices, herbal tea, beans, cod liver oil and flax seed oil.

Public Art
Anyone have a digital photo of the giant tools in front of the brand new Public Works service center near Wurzbach Parkway and Thousand Oaks? I'd like to publish it here for the general public to admire. Roddy Stinson reports that our new public art cost $70,000. Please email to me. Thanks,
Brad 8:30 a.m.

DNA clears man of rape after 11 years in prison

José remains favorite name for Texas boys

Three more arrests in Victoria truck deaths

Data analysis concludes 4 in 5 still virgins at age 15

"But the details of how the United States can fight terrorists in the Philippines within the restrictions of the Philippines Constitution has still not been worked out, as administration officials made clear..."

Alliances against media ownership rules
What if Clear Channel bought the San Antonio Express-News. Would we have news diversity, or a news monopoly?
"A wave of media deals and consolidation is likely to follow the FCC's June 2 vote, as companies buy and swap newspapers, television and radio stations."

Mavs stun Spurs 113-110: made 49 of 50 freethrows


Deadbeat Grandson
A Brazilian court has sentenced Maria Mendes Santana, 72, to 30 days in jail for an unpaid debt. But she isn't the one who owes the money. Her grandson, who can't be found, owes it to his ex-wife. Apparently, Santana is the closest relative the court could find. Since she doesn't have the money, she's going to jail. Still, Brazilian justice isn't cruel. The judge ruled that she must have her own cell.

City Council runoff election Tuesday, May 27. Early voting NOW thru Friday 8a-8p. Early voting Locations

This Saturday May 24th - Click for Info

The word "gullible" is not in the dictionary.