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Brad's 10-Foot Poll
When a city council runoff candidate claims to not know where he or she stands on an issue such as development over the aquifer, or the smoking ban in bars, I feel the candidate is
Waiting to get more facts after the election
Just honestly confused
Unable to process information
Trying to be impartial and fair
Keeping all options open
Openly lying

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This Saturday May 24th - Click for Info

(I recommend the Klingon Update down-column)

Annika is ready to play: men nervous
986th most-popular name for babies is Baby
Lawyer "rubbed and kissed" weeping client
WMD hunters find vacuum cleaners
New skepticism about secondhand smoke claims
Complaints about candidate Bush restricting airspace

Iraq's slide into lawlessness squanders goodwill for US

N. Carolina counties get car emissions testing
roundup of local clean air issues is always at bottom of left column

Best of the weekend:
Nora says she was one of "JFK's girls"
Portland "frantic" to find its time capsule
U.S. interrogations in Iraq utilize heavy metal and kids' songs as instruments of coercion

Master of his Domain
Berkeley prof studies masturbation (homework joke here ___)

Embed: a woman at war in a man's world

Who killed Laci! Cult? UFO aliens? OJ?

Goldfish in blenders "not cruel"

City Council runoff election Tuesday, May 27. Early voting today thru Friday 8a-8p. Early voting Locations

I have invited Dist. 8 council runoff opponents Art Hall and Bert "Undecided on Issues" Cecconi to drop by the KTSA studio for a talk session, but poor Mr. Cecconi just cannot seem to fit it into his stuffed-tight schedule.


I am one of your liberal listeners who never call in. I acknowledge your attempts to be objective notwithstanding your basic conservative leanings. However it appears to me that many of your radio hosts are becoming nothing more than mindless PR agents for the Republican Party. There are two side to the issures affecting Texas. Please don't let your station become another haven for Limbaugh imitators.
Guy M., George West, Texas

Brad, Yesterday I called your show (for the first and last time) regarding the smoking ban to give the listeners a number of valid reasons to contemplate in order to support the expansion of the ban. I finish my unemotional, to the point, and intelligent comments and you literally ask if I am stupid. Something about if I am being dragged through dung would I continue to go there. A few minutes later you recount to your listeners .and then I asked Jay if he was stupid! I was really shocked at your rude response right off the bat. I was definitely open to a debate but was not expecting an immediate response of name calling. And then you repeat the name calling a few minutes later after I'm off the phone????????? It really troubled me for the rest of the day. I realized that if I am to apply your logic of being stupid for returning to somewhere where they dragged me through the dung then I would be "stupid" for ever returning back to listen to your radio program - as name calling, questioning my intelligence, and adding humiliation by continuing the name calling to your listener base when I'm not there to defend - I would say would be comparable to your dung analogy.

Brad, were talking about the BBC story on the "rescue" of Private Lynch. Thank you for reporting this and pointing out that this was completely mis-reported. There are far too few people like you in the media who are willing to tell us the truth. I very sincerely appreciate your report. I went to your website and read the story and emailed it to some friends.
The Jessica Lynch story the government and the media told us was a lie. And this is just one of the many lies we have been told about this war and the reasons for it. This was a "faith-based" war. President Bush essentially said: "Trust me. Iraq has large quantities of "weapons of mass destruction". We know they have them and we know where they are. Iraq is a clear and present danger to the United States and to the world." It is now obvious that Bush lied to us about all of this ... I encourage you to continue to report the truth no matter how unpopular it may be. Sincerely Yours,
John C., Austin

Klingon Update
Mark Morford, San Francisco Chronicle
"Sorry, potential Klingon interpreters and stunningly and adorably deeply lost Star Trek ubergeeks still locked somewhere in 1975 and who haven't seen the sun since the Carter administration and who to this very day fully believe Lt. Uhura was an underappreciated divine goddess incarnate who spawned a million frenetic smasming late-night Vaseline fantasies second only to that cool sexy all-blue lizard woman from that one episode who tried to seduce Kirk with that weird sexy dance. Officials have said they won't be needing your services, after all. The office that treats mental health patients in Multnomah County, Oregon had included Klingon, the uber-geeky completely made-up Star Trek language that sounds like you're hacking up phlegm while choking on bottlecaps as you snore, on a list of 55 languages that could be spoken by really, really geeky incoming patients who never outgrew their mad desire for Hot Wheels cars and Kraft Mac 'N' Cheese and Charlie's Angels on TV Land. But the inclusion drew a spate of tongue-in-cheek headlines. And now the county has rescinded its call. County officials had said that no patient had ever come in speaking only Klingon, well maybe that one ranting rabid gibberishy Defense Department guy who claimed to have seen Lynne Cheney do things with a radioactive fuel rod that scorched his soul for all eternity and was screaming uncontrollably and had to be euthanized, but that the county would pay a Klingon interpreter in the case one was actually needed."