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Inducted 2002




Mischief: the "perfect wedding" photo (61K) shows a lucky woman catching the bride's flowers while reaching up a little too enthusiastically

Old Master of pulp art to be honored

"...gangsters, half-naked buxom blondes, armed maniacs, bug-eyed monsters and gunslingers dispensing rough justice."

Nation watching Texas Killer Ds walkout The 51 Democrats holed up in Oklahoma and the four unaccounted for are drawing their daily $20 salary and the $125 per diem. They say they won't accept it.

Gary Martin
San Antonio Express-News in Washington

DeLay keeps the pressure on
DeLay: "I have never turned tail and run, and shirked my responsibility," he said. "Even when I'm losing, I stand and fight for what I believe.

Nurse charged with killing sick woman with bagel

House GOP will let assault weapons ban expire

Exposed-breast portrait has school in tizzy
On Friday, the painting was back on the wall. Loeffler, a senior who plans to attend the School of the Chicago Art Institute next year, had covered the offending breast with a fluorescent green construction-paper patch-- and wore a matching one over her own left breast.

Illinois lawmakers consider ban on tongue-splitting

Senators balk at new media consolidation rules

Health costs of obesity near those of smoking

DEA saving USA, gets Tommy Chong for bong sales

Maryland county close to strict smoking ban

Mexican-border watchers testing civilian drones

Bill Gates and Tom Brokaw skip bill, leave no tip

Anti-terrorism drills begin

Belgian sues Gen. Tommy Franks over Iraq war


Just because of your example these past few years I have been asking all the old guys I see if they were in WWII. If they say yes I ask them if I could have the privilege of shaking their hand and thank them for their service to our Country. So far I have meet Vets who served in Iwo Jima, Battle of the Bulge, Normandy Invasion, Midway, flew bombing missions over Germany and on and on. The Veterans Officer of Atascosa County has an old book with information of every casualty of WWII by city and state. Because of you I have met a lot of wonderful American and learned more about WWII. Thanks,
Don in Floresville

Brad, If ever there was justification for getting a Concealed Carry License, this Pit Bull attack is it. If the gentleman that was mauled or the lady who stopped to help had been carrying, there would be a lot less injury and pain to deal with. Dave