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Statement from Killer Ds

Walkout shuts down House

Dems break quorum to kill GOP redistricting plan

Photo by Deborah Cannon AMERICAN-STATESMAN
Stephanie Benold, right, and Kathy Guido, at left rear, show their support for House Democrats outside the Capitol on Monday. The pair wore bee antennas in memory of the 'killer bees' of 1979.

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new media ownership rules

".. the most important rewriting of the ownership rules in decades, permitting the largest media conglomerates to expand into new markets and own more properties in a single city."
Mom beat 11-year-old rooting for "wrong" team

Killer Ds

Brad, these are all very nice people that believe in what they are doing. They are my heros. They are protecting the American people from a takeover by the Republican Party (Tom DeLay). This is what he wants -- not what Texas needs at this time.
The people that call into your station are mostly conservatives -- that is a known fact. I love to listen to you because you have your own mind and speak it. Sometimes I agree with you and sometimes I don't. And thats the way it should be.
I tried calling several times this morning and the line was busy. I stayed on hold until you were off the air. Most of the people that called them babies -- need to read the paper and find out what is going on in this country. How about Ashcroft in yesterday's paper?
Please do not give out the number of the wife of the Representative that called in this morning -- Ashcroft will find them. He tapes our phones, looks to see what books we check out of the library, and can go into our e-mails.
I do hope that your station is not going to be taken over by Clear Channel -- because of the FCC ruling. I will only be able to listen to PBS. Thanks for all the funny tales and the important issues that you bring up. I think you represent most of the people out here.
Norah D.

The heritage of Texas is to stand up for what believe in the face of overwhelming odds. Every year we commemorate the fall of the Alamo. Those men made a stand for something they believed in - in the face of overwhelming odds. The missing legislators are a disgrace to that memory. Had Joaquin Castro been at the Alamo in 1836, he would have turn tail and run back to Harvard. Too bad he didn't go to West Point.
And what are we teaching our children? "Bobby, tomorrow your team is going to play a team that is faster, bigger, and better. So instead of going to the game and do your best, we're going to the outlet mall in San Marcos. Remember this life lesson when you older. Don't stand up and let your voice be heard, run like a chicken and hide. It will serve you well if you run for public office. What an embarrassment to the memory of fallen Texans.
Bill S.

Brad: I was sorry to see the position you took in today's Commentary.
Bipartisianship or "ism" is a two way street. Our state certainly has more important items on its agenda than a redistricting plan. Let's solve the problems we have and which are important rather than creating new ones.
Sharon in Harlingen

If you want to find them, I'm guessing the best place to start looking would be the local strip clubs before the new laws go into effect. Isn't that where these folks always seem to turn up anyway.

Mr. Messer,
I've voted Democratic ticket pretty much across the board for nearly thirty years. That is about to change. I've got folks up there in Austin running away from the state problems they've helped create and Pi$$ing away taxpayer money by going on a d
anged hiatus.
To heck with where they are hiding. To heck with what they are doing. My school district is going broke, my roads are falling apart, my taxes are going up and these guys are off.well you know what. When a majority of a party just drops off the radar, its not a good political statement, it shows cowardice. Bet I'll remember every one I can vote for next time and vote for his opponent. I do not go to vote for any person that is going to be absent for a reason like the Dems. Have provided.
If you can post this, just let the slackers know Democrats in Texas are not looking at a proud day in Texas, we're just wondering why we even bothered to vote for the weak bastards to represent us.
Rick B., San Antonio

It's about time that people put aside partisan politics and support the interests of San Antonio. That means killing the Congressional redistricting plan that is presently being considered by the Texas Legislature.
For decades, San Antonio has had one Congressman to represent the city, plus three to represent a combination of city, suburban and rural areas. What gives focus to the three outlying districts is the one member, meaning Charles Gonzalez, who owes his election to the voters of Bexar County. The redistricting proposal would eliminate this exclusive representation and shift the focus away from the needs of our city.
Bexar County has already lost one seat in the Texas Legislature due to redistricting. The dynamics of political influence should tell us that we need to protect the representation that we still have, political clout that other areas would gladly assume to pursue their own interests.
Since I am a Libertarian, not a Democrat or a Republican, I am free to back whatever horse I want. In this situation, I back the "Killer Dees."
Jay Moore
County Chair, Libertarian Party of Bexar County