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Mothers Day
This morning I was driving my son to school when your Mother's Day Commentary was on the air. My son is 17 and I adopted him last year. I'm a single parent. His mother abandoned him and his siblings when he was less than a year old.
He lived with "friends of his mother" until he was placed in foster care at the age of 10 due to neglect and abuse (some friends of the family).
Your comments this morning touched him very deeply. He considers his former foster mom as Mother. And was really glad that he got to send her a Mother's Day card.
Mother's Day is extremely difficult on the children that are in Foster Care or Adoptive homes. My son feels that he is very fortunate to be Adopted when he was a teenager. But he still has those deep rooted feelings about why Mom didn't want him or his siblings.
For those of us whose Mother is still alive and even for those that have know their Mother, Mother's Day is a special day. But for those who have been abandoned or neglected by their families and removed from their families and especially those that don't know their Mother, Mother's Day can be a very lonely day.
For all of us that know our mothers it is a very special day and we should all let Mom know how much she is cared for and loved.
Bruce E.

These two emails really made my day. What nice notes to get!

Phone call
I've been meaning to write you since I got out of the hospital in 1999. After listening to your kind words the other day about Mimi Ware, I decided that I needed to let you know how a telephone call from you while I was in the hospital in 1999 really brightened my extended stay there.
One Wednesday, I had a chest x-ray and they found a large tumor in my right lung. On Friday, I went to the hospital for tests and they decided they would have to remove my lung on Saturday.
Driving home from the hospital that Friday, my husband called you as you were my favorite radio broadcaster and asked if you would give me a call. You did and I was thrilled! You sounded on the telephone just like you sounded on the radio. My 16 year old son was in the room at the time and he was also thrilled. I was glad he could see how nice some people in this world are.
I ended up staying in the hospital for 5 weeks, 3 of those weeks in a coma. Today, I am just fine (and yes, I was a smoker-- the coma was a very effective "stop smoking program"!). My husband works for a local homebuilder and he recently built a home for one of your coworkers who said that you are always that way-- extremely compassionate. He was not at all surprised that you had called me.
Well, better late than never. Thank you for taking the time that day to call someone you didn't even know just to brighten their day!
Linda F.