Brad Messer Commentary
KTSA • Thursday, October 21, 2004

Recruitment Blues

It's fashionable now to say you support the military. Among politicians, very fashionable.

If politicians are so supportive, why do so many military families have to depend on food banks and other charities to make ends meet?

The families don't whine about it. They just hang tough and quietly do the best job they can. And the politicians keep repeating how they are behind the military 100 percent.

The first month of the Army's new recruiting cycle just came in 30 percent short. That's the good news. The bad news? Army Reserve enlistments were 45 percent below target. This despite raising enlistees' college tuition rewards to $75-thousand, and offering signing bonuses of $15-thousand or more for certain skills.

But the carrots on sticks aren't inspiring enough people to enlist.

When the big-mouthed politicians really get behind the military, they'll see to it that GIs and their families are treated honorably and with respect all around— and we'll no longer have these recruitment blues.

Brad Messer commentary— KTSA.

Wall St. Journal 10/20/2004
Army's Recruiters Miss Target For Enlistees in Latest Month

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