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Texas Hill Country water issues
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On June 8, 2004 the PGA confirmed the decision to abandon the PGA Village project was indeed final
PGA shuts door on local PGA Village


On May 28, 2004 the PGA announced its withdrawal from the proposed project. PGA Village as such died. San Antonio was left wondering how the property would be developed.
Lumbermen's ends contract with PGA

PGA Village Proposal
"Cibolo Canyon Resort Community"

9/26/02 City lists services for PGA
8/17/02 Roddy Stinson: who the anti-PGA leaders are Go
8/13/02 Mayor unveils revamped PGA proposal
8/1/02 PGA Village Dead
PGA letter August 1: “... we must withdraw our commitment at this time. The PGA does not wish to be involved in an issue that is creating so much controversy and divisiveness within the San Antonio community."

8/1/02 PGA pullout rumors fly as scheduling of vote looms Go
3/17/02 Extended PGA Village sweetheart tax deal could net developers another $20-million Go
3/16/02 PGA draft agreement on city website Go
3/16/02 Mayor: PGA vote may be delayed
PGA Village $etup now include$ many more $ for developer$ Go
Why another 5 years added to Sweetheart Tax deal for PGA Village? $tuffing developer$’ pocket$ Go
Councilman Castro against PGA Village Go
2/24/02 Scientists see threat to aquifer Go
2/23/02 PGA Village: huge tax break Go

2/17/02 PGA Village project gaining ground with City Council Go
1/28/02 Yes, PGA Village has endangered species Go
1/17/02 First public forum on PGA Village Go
1/14/02 Citizens’ groups threaten PGA Village petition drive
1/11/02 Mayor demands PGA negotiation details
1/10/02 Public land at PGA Village could be closed to public

Information in italics was presented to me 8/20/01 by Gene Dawson, president of Pape-Dawson Engineers, and Trish DeBerry, president of Guerra-DeBerry-Coody Marketing, the lead team in the effort by Lumbermen's Investment Corp. to reach an agreement with San Antonio and Bexar County to develop a golf resort in northeast Bexar County.

PGA Village approximate location

Lumbermen's Investment Corp. projects in San Antonio include Olympia Hills Neighborhood, Northwest Crossing, Springs at Stone Oak, Glens at Stone Oak and currently developing Dominion Ridge.

LIC has invested $6,800,000 to date in water lines, permits and storage tanks. The City of San Antonio will incur NO debt when the development is annexed. LIC will guarantee the debt service on bonds sold by the District in the early stages of development.


9/9/01 S.A. Express-News story "A devil's choice"

1/6/02 San Antonio Express News story on political bedfellows and suspicious negotiations

Cibolo Canyon Conservation and Improvement District

Beneficiary: Lumbermen's Investment Corp., a subsidiary of Texas-based conglomerate Temple-Inland, one of the state's largest corporate landowners. Key lawmaker: Sen. Jeff Wentworth, R-San Antonio. Read the Bill

The PGA property has 5 wells in the Trinity aquifer, beneath the Edwards.
Aquifer Maps


Original PGA Village in Florida-- pitched as being "where players of all skill levels can come play, stay, live or learn at the only golf resort and community with courses owned and operated by The PGA of America.

"Enjoy 72 Championship golf holes from the world's finest architects ... plus the new state of the art 35-acre PGA Learning Center™.
PGA Village is located 30 minutes north of the Palm Beaches in Port St. Lucie, on Florida's famous Treasure Coast™.

The developers say they already have approval in place for a previous plan, and that if the "new plan with golf" is not approved, they will revert to Plan A. Below are the comparisons they presented... the message being that the old plan is much worse, so go with the new plan.
Approved Plan Residential Only
New Plan with Golf
Both in Bexar County within San Antonio Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction, over Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone
Total acres
Acres in drainage, greenbelts, open space and Prop. 3 set asides
Total number of houses and apartment units to be built
Total EDUs from SAWS
A - without recycled water
B - with recycled water
Sources of water
A- primary
B- secondary
C - Third source
recycled water
Trinity Aquifer

Recycled water
Comply with San Antonio ordinances
A - Tree ordinance
B - Water Quality

Voluntary compliance with "goals" of both
Voluntary compliance with "goals" of both
Traffic projections
2.5-million gallon "recycled water" plant (sewage treatment plant) built to SAWS and TNRCC specifications, with 100% emergency backup connection to SAWS sewer lines -- also able to treat waste water from Ackerman, Indian Springs and Century Oaks, potentially eliminating 3,100 septic tanks on adjacent sites
Projected property values to be taxed in 15 years
$ 543,600,000
$ 1,300,000,000
Estimated annual tax revenue for City, Schools, County, Hospital District et al in 15 years
Property tax
Hotel & Motel

$ 16,308,000

$ 16,308,000
$ 39,000,000

$ 46,000,000

Tax District
will finance and maintain roads, water lines, sewer lines, drainage improvements, parks, open space and water quality improvement measures subject to appropriate regulatory approval. Other tax revenues will go 100% to Bexar County, hospital district and appropriate School Districts

"The District may pay for these improvements by taxing all the private investments built within the district such as hotels, golf courses, condominiums, apartments and homes through hotel/motel, ad valorem and sales taxes"


At the PGA Public Meeting Wednesday Sept. 19 the developer announced that NO water will be drawn from the Trinity aquifer, saying the existing Trinity wells will be sealed
However, even though the direct-tap wells will close, keep in mind that some of the water contracted from the San Antonio Water System for PGA Village will come from the Trinity. --Brad

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