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Feb 1
North Texas Amateur Astronomers Report On Shuttle Columbia
Michael O’Rourke commentary: KSAT-TV alters schedule to rake in bucks
Wall Street Journal Science Videocameras lie in police interrogations
Feb 2
Did NASA can advisors who warned about safety?
Bush budget has speeded-up tax cuts
Intercepted call has Iraqis deceiving inspectors
Heche is example of a “hasbian”
Feb 3
The Right Stuff at Trinity tonight: free talk by John Glenn
Poll: people trust Powell ’way more than Bush on war
Humboldt D.A. ups medical marijuana limit to 99 plants
MIT poll: toothbrush is most important invention
Valentine's card burglar sues police
Feb 4
Iran “ghost troops” ready for urban war
Nicholas Kristof commentary: the North Korean nuclear crisis is far more perilous than many people realize
Columbia radar plume, animated image from Lake Charles, Louisiana NOAA radar 2-1-03 Thanks, Pauline
Jackson has kids in his room for 'sleep-overs'
National Geographic swimsuit edition!
Feb 5

We got it! STORY
Arse or elbow? quiz Thanks, K in Wimberly

Whether you’re religious or not, this is quite beautiful: The Interview With God (requires free Flash plugin)
Feb 6
What ever happened to local community service? Our competitors at WOAI failed to broadcast the most important news conference in San Antonio’s memory— the TOYOTA announcement by the governor and mayor. I’ll say it without you having to ask: it’s shameful.
Why Hussein sees history on his side
U.S. troop level reaches 113,000 in Persian Gulf area
FBI to report al Qaeda still the top threat to USOverview of the Toyota plant’s San Antonio impact
North Korea: “total war” if US hits reactor
Funds in doubt for Pentagon's TIA spy plan
Brothers to the Rescue stop flying their planes
Larger ladies say they're big, beautiful and banned from TV
Super-size ambulance can haul half-ton people
Jacko “devastated” by TV documentary
Advertisers going wacko for Jacko
Feb 7
California medical pot jury says it was duped
Voting machine expert Dr. Rebecca Mercuri of Bryn Mawr
UK Ch4 reports British Intelligence dossier on Iraq, quoted by Colin Powell in UN speech, was partly plagiarized from published articles
Brits admit the above
Jacko interview: he’s even odder than we thought! Should child services investigate?

Photos: shuttle wing was damaged
Feb 8
Feb 9
Forwarded by Virginia Grimm of Seguin aboard USS Roosevelt

click for full-size version 50+K
Feb 10
Dell Dude busted for pot
Bill would go beyond Patriot Act

Watercolors by Larry Haught
Yankees ensure ’03 Pennant by hiring every player in baseball
All I want is to SMACKEY an IRAQI (dumb animation)
Feb 11
Odd case: DEA shoots teen girl here
The cheating husband
click for 23K photo
Feb 12
Stories conflict in DEA killing of teen girl
1983 shooting of 12-year-old solved
Transcript of last communications with shuttle
Total Info Awareness scheme almost dead
Art update: 100 panhandlers’ signs on exhibit
Excerpts from alleged new bin Laden tape
Feb 13
DEA case troubled by timing
Family of dead 8th-grader blasts DEA’s story of how and why she was shot
More story links in my commentary today
Bad spelling on phony check tips off clerk
Pittsburgh has a $250,000 public pay toilet
Kidnapping of woman by extra-stupid man had some elements of the movie “Fargo”
Colorado considers making dogs “companions” Editorial opposes, asks “why, for example, shouldn't there be a law that allows a person to sue for emotional distress over the injury or death of a companion jellyfish?”
Eenie, meenie, minie, mo: How far will this lawsuit go?
Tish gets probation in drug case
Boy tied to four killings dead in Corpus Christi SWAT raid
Feb 14
Council OKs HEB tax break
T. Boone comes around selling water
Shoulder-holstered gun fires: woopsie!
Boozed-up principal’s odd public “Number One”
Penis pills and passion potions are all the rage
Shot dead by the DEA, 14-year-old Ashley Villereal was buried today. The Sierra Times online reports one version of the straight scoop on this horrible killing STORY
After-action report on the D.C. rally for veterans’s medical benefits
Feb 15
Feb 16
Most interesting use of duct tape resulting in worldwide humiliation HERE Thanks Glenn
Feb 17

Proper duct tape procedures for personal use may give you added homeland security
Was Michael Jackson framed?
US rules for “embedded” war reporters
A&M for protesters over Honor Corps?
Motivated car dealers add incentives
Foreign pilot training to resume in US
Boys beat teen with his own crutches
Ex-KKK member David Duke fears blacks in prison
19 baby penguins at Sea World San Antonio
Bush may deny AIDS money over abortion policies
Czech brewer can use the trademark "Bud"
Rapid rise of who-gets-Fluffy pet litigation
Florida jury awards $100-million in drowning case to man who didn’t watch his own child
PHOTO LINKS Moon plane Arkansas Limo Alcohol research
Feb 18
Movie: woman parking a car click for MPG animation
Thanks Pauline
German chemicals to No. Korea
No. Korea plans four new reactors
“At least two more weeks” of diplomacy
US terror response system ignores children
Planners list the risks of war
Scientists list worst-polluting vehicles
Teacher dressed as woman to lure teen boy
Oh, girl, those weren’t real aliens
Joe Millionaire picks teacher, admits income Here’s what passed for logic on the finale: “...There's been something else I'd like to say to you that's been really weighing on my nerves,” he added. “I don't have $50 million. I don't have $50,000. I'm sorry I lied to you, but I wanted to find someone who loved me for who I am.” For who he is? He said he was a millionaire! Duh.
NASA should re-think shuttle and space station “...There's not much reason to keep the space station in orbit, except as a destination for the shuttle, and the shuttle has little utility except to ferry astronauts to the station.”
Feb 19
Affirmative action bake sale: different prices for different races— $17 profit to charity
Dogs can’t find fire hydrants in snowy city
Aquifer sewer lines to get video inspection
Councilman Martin pays $2,800 ethics fine
Modesto home of missing woman searched again
Texas leg takes up safe-driving bills
Hungry wild hogs ravage Florida lawns
Indiana councilman arrested in scuffle over snow
John Hughes commentary It's Hollywood that makes them despise us
Spook spotted at North Carolina statehouse
Anti-Americanism abroad increasing
Turkey wants more $$$ to let US troops in
Colorado drops “pet companion” bill
Feb 20
Washington Times on Ashley Villareal killing
G.O.P Bush rally here Saturday
War start date looking like mid-March
Two-thirds of American homes have a flag
Murderer convicted by evidence of pet cockatoo
Smugglers use faked “Border Patrol” SUVs
Homeland Security help-yourself website: ready.gov
Feb 21

Men and lesbians: Ever wish you had X-ray Vision? You still don’t have it. What you see here is not a see-thru skirt. It is a printed graphic to make the skirt appear to be sheer. They are the current rage in New York City.In the interest of fashion and science, here are four more examples A B C D Then in the interest of truth CHECK THIS Thanks Steve E.
Car searches at SAT! Airport police soon will begin randomly pulling over vehicles entering San Antonio International ...
Armed burglar pries door 3 stories up, gets shot
Wheaton School: dancing OK if not sinfully erotic
Tuesday, July 29 at SBC Center Chicks to San Antonio! World Class City at last? Dixie Chicks website
Feb 22
“about 500” at Bush war rally
Salon Voting into the void
Feb 23
Why does Toni Smith turn away from the flag during national anthem? Original story
Update: Vietnam vet confronts Smith
Police field complaint
about “busty” snow woman

Scientists question value of shuttle flights
Bush image overseas increasingly poor
Wolfowitz says democracy is goal in Iraq
'Home Alone' mom stayed to finish trip
Firemen find nude man chained to toilet
NPR hosts’ salaries vary widely
US death penalty creates international snarl
Feb 24
Pure phone calls all day about the ice storm

Broadway and 410 snow photo by Brent large 800x600 66K
Feb 25
Insurance for homes may drop 18 percent
Homeowners may get relief from KB Homes
Tara West subdivision homeowners complained about KB Homes leaving them out in the cold with bad foundations etal.
Campaigns for People re. insurance industry pouring money into the pockets of Texas legislative candidates. Re-booked for more time Friday 28th 1:08 p.m. Commentary here.
Feb 26
Videocameras, Too, Can Lie, Or at Least Create Prejudice
Feb 27 out sick
Feb 28 out sick