Some websites don't keep material a real long time, so some of these links will expire.

Jan 1
New Year 2003
Happy Birthday, Dear Internet (wired.com)
2002 worst Dow Jones annual loss in 25 years
Truly disgusting and offensive “art” set for British TV
Bush says terrorist attack would ruin US economy
Pentagon orders Georgia division to Persian Gulf
China tests maglev train at 267 miles per hour
FDA says red Cross mishandled blood
“The reason we start a war is to fight a war, win a war, thereby causing no more war!” (Bush)
Jan 2
Bush quote "Teach a child to read and he or her will be able to pass a literacy test."
Something fishy about re-naming of Durango Street - Roddy Stinson, Express-News
Capsized BMW ship struck by kerosene tanker
Boeing and Hughes accused of illegally helping China with missile technology
Pakistan man: Why am I in FBI photo? Picture is him, but with someone else’s name
Reward posted for 500,000 missing military records
Earth warming may move or kill some species
US drops 500-pound bomb on Pakistanis
Dolphins now expendable, USA eases tuna rules
Air Marshals make up tactics as they go
Bush says Saddam is the bigger threat
Strike on North Korea viewed as too risky
US will continue food aid to North Korea
Lives on hold for war call
New labor union rules proposed to fight corruption
Another example of animals creating language
Seattle man gets ticket for leaving headlights on
Dad puts liquid soap in 4-year-old’s mouth
Arkansas Gingerbread House

Jan 3
Redneck Palm Pilot

click photo for 28K 487x585px
Parents of cloned baby question whether to allow DNA testing, Clonaid says
Raelians say they will unveil second cloned baby
“Cloned” baby’s parents to face U.S. court
Fattest Cities: Houston wins for 3rd year
San Antonio 13th. Magazine link is HERE Commentary HERE
Today’s New York Times has the Fake Bigfoot story HERE
Only known use of secret evidence ongoing in NJ
Ari claims Bush is for “open government” (oh yeah, right)
Bush visit to Fort Hood today
Orangutans have exhibited culture since pre-history
Sniper tips to aid Maryland hunt for firearms
“Maryland's handgun follies” Washington Times editorial
Muslim nation holding French women who claims rape
Whose side are you on, Mr. President? by Helen Thomas
Followup report: You don't mess with an inmate's spider
Shampoo every day? Women get out of the habit
Jan 4
Out-of-Country prescription drugs
I do not vouch for any of these outfits because I have not used them. Buyer beware, as always. Most came up in a Google.com search on keywords "Canada prescriptions"
QuinsPharmacy (a friend has used this)
CrossBorderPharmacy website has hundreds of links to brick stores, online stores and related information
ABC-TV News: Across-the-Border Bargains
NBC-TV News: Crossing the Border for Medication
Jan 5

click here for the story of the controversy over this cartoon
Sleeping screener forces evacuations at Sea-Tac
Louisiana prosecutors wore 'noose' ties in court
San Antonio linked to Sanchez extortion attempt
Suspect was a sucker for Dum-Dums
US operatives are said to be active in Iraq
Cloneaid gets deeper into the business of lying
Jan 6
U.S. plan for Iraq
Friedman Commentary A War for Oil?
Buildup accelerates for Iraq war
10,000 more reservists get Alert orders
Kim Jung Il blamed for N. Korea famine
New Jersey nightmare: 2 starving boys and mummified body of child are found
New Mexico town for sale, not much going for it
PETA steps up boycott of KFC
PETA goes after Arkansas dog rapist
Vendor says Justice Dep’t stole his Promis software, which then ended up in Osama’s hands
Dick Armey’s civil liberties warning
Homeless blamed for mouthwash thefts
Jan 7
Miss USA pageant people visit their Alamo City
SAN ANTONIO Roddy Stinson—SAWS bill author a mystery
1 Ex-AG's brother refuses grand jury visit
2 Morales' brother wants case settled
KOREA Kristoff commentary: “...options for a military strike on Yongbyon...”
KOREA Troops in place, Invasion could be in February
New technique finds planets much farther away
Honda’s rugged rubber buggy bumpers
Drink your milk
Terrorist-infiltrator FBI alert based on hoax
Britain outlawed guns and gun crime went up
(language) Sexual openness on the internet
Thief steals bag holding deadly snake
Disabled-access suit could move Super Bowl
Report criticizes states' use of tobacco settlement money
email fave—FBI Alert: gypsy testicle-snatching gang
Cafeteria slump: Furr’s bankrupt, Luby’s in trouble
Astronomy: Milky Way Galaxy Encircled by Stars
No such thing as “the Hispanic vote”
Jan 8
Hurt officer emails the Express-News
Rick Casey “Texas high court frees an innocent man — on a 5-4 vote”
Ethics public hearings brought talk of campaign spending limits (my commentary today: Big Ethics Show )
War’s cost may dwarf stimulus effect
Britain arrests men in ricin poison-tainted flat
Arianna’s ads: SUV owners support terrorism
“It’s not easy having squirrels in my bra”
Whole military system fails so blame the pilots
Republicans weaken their own ethics rules
Jan 9
Guerra: SAWS ... into bold new initiatives
Stinson: Where the Miss USA $600,000 goes
1 Most say 'Hippo' deserves a salute
2 Council may eye Durango renaming
Bexar housing agency's records hard to obtain
Tuna Rules! to hell with the dolphins
Gentlemen, hack your engines
Colonel says lack of data led to 'friendly fire' fatal bombing
Social Security funds may go to illegal Mexicans
Britain wants US to delay first strike to give inspectors adequate time to poke around in Iraq
Students applaud school bus sexcapade
Officer in dog shooting reassigned
Jan 10
Bush Plan for rich: Jobless “stunned”
Opposition to Durango change is swelling
Officer Muñiz: 3 bullets inside, can’t move arm
Texas rips feds' deal for Mexico river water
1 US Marine discharges frozen, no one to leave
2 7000 Marines headed for Persian Gulf
When Microsoft introduced the new XP Operating system, they took a closer look at the mouse. Test results showed that women in particular were having trouble using a mouse with right and left clicks. For the females, a new mouse was developed. Children seemed more comfortable watching their Mothers at computer stations, than they had been previously with other available mouse configurations. See it HERE Thanks P.W.
Jan 11
Killed parents, stayed at home with the corpses
Video: As family shrieks, police kill dog
Texas lawmakers protest Mexico water pact
Dad pays son’s $11,040 parking tickets
Jan 12
Hoping for peace, preparing for war
Troops will be in place for war next month
Only one electric toothbrush beats manual kind
Councilman Garcia pocketed $16K campaign cash
Jan 13
1 US willing to deal with North Korea
2 US “softens stance” in North Korea dispute
Lightning’s Griffing to file ethics complaint against councilman Garcia
“Credible threat” to bomb troop-carrying airliner
PETA thinks chickens smart as dogs
Pentagon wants EPA habitat rules exemptions
Inspector: Iraq far from having nuke
Osama’s suicide squads recruiting Afghans who lost family in US actions in Afghanistan
Ban on stinky bus riders in Bend, Oregon
1 Bee Gee Gibb, 53, dies in Miami hospital
2 Brothers question hospital treatment of Maurice Gibb
Teen admits torching the family parakeet
Environmentalists want ‘moothane’ gas control
Jan 14

Disbar attorney David Garcia?
Brad: I haven't heard anyone address this issue. Would it be possible to bring this up on your show ... David Garcia is a low-life scumbag and this should be pursued to the fullest extent possible -- and I mean being disbarred from the practice of law for life.
P.S. -- Love your show and listen all the time!

Texas Government Code
Subtitle G. Attorneys
Chapter 81. State Bar
Subchapter A. General Provisions
§§ 81.001. Short Title

This chapter may be cited as the State Bar Act.
Added by Acts 1987, 70th Leg., ch. 148, §§ 3.01, eff. Sept. 1, 1987.

Subchapter E. Discipline
§81.078. Disciplinary Proceedings

(a) Except as provided by Subsection (b), until an attorney has been convicted of the charges for disbarment pending against the attorney in a court of competent jurisdiction, the attorney may be suspended from the practice of law only if the attorney concurs in an order of suspension entered by the grievance committee.

(b) On proof of an attorney's conviction in a trial court of competent jurisdiction of any felony involving moral turpitude or of any misdemeanor involving the theft, embezzlement, or fraudulent misappropriation of money or other property, the district court of the county of the residence of the convicted attorney shall enter an order suspending the attorney from the practice of law during the pendency of any appeals from the conviction. An attorney who has been given probation after the conviction, whether adjudicated or unadjudicated, shall be suspended from the practice of law during the probation.

(c) On proof of final conviction of any felony involving moral turpitude or any misdemeanor involving theft, embezzlement, or fraudulent misappropriation of money or other property, the district court of the county of the residence of the convicted attorney shall enter an order disbarring the attorney.

(d) In an action to disbar any attorney for acts made the basis of a conviction for a felony involving moral turpitude or a misdemeanor involving theft, embezzlement, or fraudulent misappropriation of money or other property, the record of conviction is conclusive evidence of the guilt of the attorney for the crime of which he was convicted

(e) Either the grievance committee for the bar district or the general counsel may seek enforcement of this section.

(f) This chapter does not prevent prosecution of an attorney in a disciplinary action after conviction for a criminal act based either on the weight of the conviction or on conduct by the attorney that led to the attorney's conviction.
Added by Acts 1987, 70th Leg., ch. 148, §§ 3.01, eff. Sept. 1, 1987.

Jan 16
Smarmy Garcia resigned from city council
Plague vials: the Butler did it Researcher in charge of the vials arrested
White House could decide to attack even if inspectors find no new evidence against Saddam
Iraq link in Brit ricin poison case?
Michael O'Rourke: Resist a Brownie? Don't kid yourself
Roddy Stinson: City's latest 'scandal' news leaves WOAI-TV with foul odor Strangely enough, I don’t agree with Mr. Stinson on this one. I think Brian Collister did a right smart job of muckraking in his David Garcia - M'Liss Christian project. If it didn’t meet Stinson’s journalistic criteria, how ’bout a generous number of points for raw entertainment value?
Austin teens filmed their attack on Special Ed boy
Pretty interesting story about a wino bum
Another report on cheaper drugs from Canada
GasBGon flatulence filter helps with odor and sound
Jan 17
Jan 18
Jan 19

Jan 20
What’s the Check Engine light mean, anyway?
Bush's team split on what would trigger attack on Iraq
Man on lawnmower fingers cops during slow-speed chase
Why not get out of a car that’s on fire?
Jan 21
The terrible nose job on Michael Jackson
Ex-CNN Headline news anchor Andrea Thompson topless
American Gulf War Veterans Association
Project SHAD
Railroad remote control issue
Clean Air Plan Citizens Organized for Good Science
Big tax break for southside Target may not fly
Rick Casey: Target deal wouldn‘t help integrity issue
Compromise over Durango Street renaming?
Texas suit against 100 companies tied to slavery
Poll finds public increasingly cautious about Iraq as administration moves toward war
Allies ask ‘Why the rush?’
Volunteer “human shields” to head for Iraq
US escalates Iraq rhetoric
Baptist leaders denounce anti-Islam roadside sign
Chief Moose got lost and missed MLK ceremony
Sam Donaldson absent from TV, takes on radio

Jan 22

Age forces “Dog Lady” to give up beloved pets: two outside dogs need new home

Dear Brad,

I just wanted to let you know that the sweet lady you were responsible for helping several years ago ...has severe health problems and will be in a nursing home for the rest of her life.

Remember Andrea Martinez, the 82-year-old lady and her conviction for animal cruelty several years ago? Her dog had severe mange which she treated with home remedies because she couldn't get any neighbors to take her and the dog to a veterinarian? The trial and conviction were actually a year AFTER the dog had already been picked up by Animal Control and euthanized.

Andrea (on crutches, remember) was handcuffed, booked at the City Jail, and put in a holding cell. A miscarraige of justice if there ever was one. Attorney Gabe Quintanilla defended her pro bono and she was given two years probation. The entire city was outraged.

The story was in the San Antonio Express-News and when you expressed your outrage on the air, Responsible Pet Owners Alliance called in and offered to care for the dogs -- for as long as it took -- not just during the probation period. Your great listeners made donations and RPOA provided all the dog and cat food and litter; visited each month to check the condition of the animals; gave their monthly heartworm, flea preventive; changed the litter boxes and scooped the dog poop.

I'll never forget that during our first visit to Andrea's, she put her hand over her heart and said she hurt "here" to think they would say she was cruel to her beloved pets. Living alone, her pets were her children. She had no children of her own. I'll never forget the hurt in her face and voice as she spoke.

So we decided to put a smile on her face and succeeded although I'm sure the "hurt" never left entirely. Her picture was everywhere - convicted of cruelty to her animals. What is wrong with society when something like this happens? Is this the way we treat our elderly citizens? They already had the dog. That should have ended it.

After your program, we received calls from many people who wanted to help. So we scheduled a clean-up day and a large group gathered at Andrea's to clean the house and yard. Dumpsters were donated for the cleanup; a pest control company came and sprayed the premises inside and out and someone donated a nice refrigerator for her. There were so many people helping -- that I wish I had their names to say thank you again, but I don't.

Andrea's doctor got her home health care and she and her pets have had the best of care since your program aired. So we just want to say thank you - I don't think you realize the influence you have in this community.

Andrea must be 85 or 86 years old now. She had one stroke, then an operation to give her a pacemaker for her heart, and shortly after that she has had a second stroke. Her condition is not good as she is also diabetic. In between the two strokes, I visited her in a nursing home and she signed the animals over to Responsible Pet Owners Alliance, but she wanted to know if she could come visit them sometime. We promised to write that in the contract when we found them new homes. I am going to take her a framed picture with all her pets as soon as she gets out of intensive care.

Dr. Rachel Smith at Animal Hospital of San Antonio has been kind enough to provide all spay/neuter services for Andrea's three remaining dogs and two cats, free medications, collars, and other services all this time. Dr. Smith just happened to have the tiny inside dog named Cindy at her clinic for grooming and toenail clipping at the time of Andrea's first stroke. Cindy is elderly, blind, requires daily medication for a heart condition, used to hide under the bed when we came and we had to dig her out. She also used to bite everybody in sight. Dr. Smith says Cindy is very happy there so she will just let Cindy live out her life as the clinic "house pet." Cindy no longer bites and really did look happy at the clinic when I took her picture for Andrea. Cindy was her favorite.

One of our board members has adopted Andrea's two cats. We still have the two outside dogs to place.

Both are spayed females about 5 or 6 years old, we're told. Neither dog is hyperactive. Both are well socialized and love people. Andrea lived on a corner so they had a lot of exposure to all sorts of situations. If they are separated and aren't adopted out together, they will have to be the only dog as both tend to be a little pushy with other dogs. Both are working on walking on lead. Both like to "hunt" squirrels and other small animal so no homes with birds, guinea pigs, etc. unless the new owner is willing to take the chance.

Both are great for grooming. Both do fine with kids, but as always should NEVER be left alone with children, especially since they didn't grow up with small children. Both have been outside dogs and will need house training, but should catch on quickly. They are timid about coming into the house, so will need help working through that issue. Canelita weighs 35 lbs and Blackie weighs about 60 lbs. Blackie is a little shy initially but warms up quickly to whomever has the food or pets her. They are both in good health and eat Science Diet Canine Maintenance.

Responsible Pet Owners Alliance will take applications at the office - no phone calls please. These applications will be screened before a decision is made on placement. Our office is next door to the Magic Time Machine, in the Petroleum Center, 900 NE Loop 410, Suite 205-D. Rusty is in the office from 9 am until 2 pm. All applicants can expect a home visit and we'll follow through with their veterinarian as a referral. The adoption fee is $100 for each dog.

Thanks again.

Mary Beth Duerler
President, Responsible Pet Owners Alliance
(210) 738-2273 $10 Annual Dues (Jan - Dec) Our membership stays informed regarding all animal issues with an e-mail list and quarterly newsletter!

Jan 23
Michael O’Rourke— “It was a typical family outing. I was driving, Diane was riding shotgun and Katherine was blindfolded and buckled into the backseat next to her sister...”
Farewell to WWII cartoonist Bill Mauldin
Jan 24
1 Clara Harris “cheatin’ husband” trial
2 Witness: death scene “like movie”
This ain't your daddy's Coors Brewing Company
Congress Briefed on Iraq's Links to Al Qaeda
Agent Orange link prompts VA to help vets with leukemia
120mph rollercoaster just about ready
Big pot bust tanks: it was Nativity Scene hay
Boy lights bad-grade school papers, burns down house
Morales cuts extortion deal
Jan 25
Jan 26
Jan 27
Jan 28
Killer drunk driver gets probation, very little jail
Colin Powell a changed man, now big hawk
US to release Iraq evidence
Worm hit Microsoft, which ignored its own advice
Pretty good celeb news column
Killer dentist had said cheating husband was 'good man'
Woman is made to walk naked before co-workers
Better bowling scores due to high tech and oil
Cell phones may cause 'tunnel vision'
Jan 29
President: Saddam “not disarming”
Bush to disarm Iraq, help US economy
Complete Bush speech
Big day for integrity panel
Automotive forecasting firm says it's Alamo City for Toyota
Killer Driller trial halted twice by Dr. Harris’ crying
Who is Internet’s patron saint? Vatican says vote online
$5400 “magic wands” make cash disappear
Relatives visit Grandma, don’t notice she’s dead
Jan 30

NYPD Blue’s Charlotte Ross tasteful nude poses
Thanks, Jerry S
73,392 hits on 1-30-03

ntegrity committee’s report
Roddy writes about what I've been talking about
Lawnmower man in 20-minute coyote battle
Wheelchair man dies when EMT falls on him
El Paso sends 90 cop cars to highschool “riot”
Kind acts on roadway carry a heavy price
Fox News handbook on weapons of mass destruction
Michael O’Rourke commentary: Sleepless nights
Killer driller’s stepdaughter testifies
Teens steal corpses and take them to parties
Jan 31
Bush OKs Nuke use
Not just a Hummer, it’s a tax break
TurboTax: Wall Street Journal complains it has hidden “monitoring software” (which some call spyware)
How we’ll finance the war Click for 13K full photo
Jill Browne on the road promoting “The Sweet Potato Queens' Big-Ass Cookbook (and Financial Planner)”
New AIR WARRIOR slogan HERE which is WARNING! WARNING! a faked-up WWII poster with the very worst obscene language guaranteed to offend many people. Thanks Karl K!