Some websites don't keep material a real long time, so some of these links will expire.

Nov 1
Democrats' new web ad again has Bush abusing a woman in a wheelchair
Plans to build a water pipeline from Canyon Lake to San Antonio and Boerne took a step forward Thursday STORY
City Council decision on whether vote-selling allegations justify terminating a contract was delayed. STORY
Into the sky beneath a balloon cluster STORY
Diana's butler cleared of theft charges STORY
Michael O'Rourke commentary on trick or treat: The school wouldn't let us wear masks, so my mom painted spider webs on my face with mascara. It was awesome! HERE
The prosecution rested against Winona Ryder STORY
Because a new, super-loud sonar might harm whales, a federal judge temporarily prohibited its use. STORY

Nov 2
Nov 3
Nov 4
For the Ryder Trial, a Hollywood Script
Santa Fe water ordinance: not to be mistaken for America
Inside the womb: amazing new imagery
Time magazine article
A&M suspends Parsons Mounted Cavalry over urination incident
T. Boone Pickens' Water Pipeline
"The prettiest pictures in space" returned by Hubble 'scope

California insurance crisis is Texas all over again
Dallas News: mold claims increase in Texas
FBI train robbery sting causes international incident
Bush's campaign speeches like "Groundhog Day"
Various patents for reducing cigaret sidestream smoke
Others like Texas plan that sends top 10% to college
Nov 5

Kitty Hawk ultralight airfield • Garden Ridge • 651-6773 • MAP

Your Spouse Could Be a Real Pain
Winona Ryder waits for the verdict
U.S. Senate candidates in dead heat in Texas
On the importance of grandma
A good example of why campaign reform never works
A good example of corporate programming of radio
Nov 6
Albert Flores canned by KENS-TV
My commentary on that
Bush Scores a Big Victory
Rain helps Rio Grande reach Gulf once again
Smartest parents in the world decide way to raise house payment money is a family outing to rob a bank
Is eBay any place to run a business? Fortune magazine
Nov 7
link to Dog Rescue Dog Rescue
BEXAR COUNTY 100% COUNTED> Elections Office website
Should the military be given the names of every high school student in America?
Bexar was last county in the entire Lone Star state to finish counting its votes
Commentary: Everybody jumpin' into the saddle, doin' wild ridin' all around ol' San Antonia, shootin' their pieces into the air, looking for Cliff Borofsky, a rope, and a good strong oak tree. Woopie ti yi yi.
Victorious GOP sets agenda; taxes, judges, security
D.A. won't seek jail for Winona Ryder
Police in standoff— with a dog
"Santa" stabs daughter to death over decorations
Postoffice in Cut and Shoot can keep God motto

Nov 8
San Antonio City Council votes for Clean Air Plan but does NOT rule out tailpipe emissions testing
Today's commentary on that is HERE
Vietnam Memorial's names read on 20th anniversary
Afghan War Faltering, Military Leader Says
Civil War battlefield in jeopardy
Cop killer's mom fails to oppose charge against her "The mother of convicted cop killer Frank Garcia on Thursday pleaded no contest to charges she alerted her son to his wife's plans to leave him — a move that ultimately led to the shooting deaths of her daughter-in-law and a San Antonio police officer."
Electric shavers rigged to explode
Woman had sex with 13-year-old boy
Nov 9
Nov 10
Nov 11
Farmers Insurance will renew Texas policies
WWII vets dying at almost 1000 a day
Nov 12
Leonid meteor shower next Monday night
Getting ready for the invasion
Out of control, deer send ecosystem into chaos
Bush relaxes snowmobile rules in Yellowstone
Ruth-Anne on "Northern Exposure" dies at 84
Teen cop imposters pull over real police chief
Nov 13
National Gulf War Resource Center HERE
Odd results in Bexar ballot count
“...there were more single-party ticket voters on page two of the ballot than on page one.”
RICK CASEY: We need a recount
Were terrorists casing Corpus Christi oil port?
“Old Sparky” on display in new Texas Prison Museum
Legislators file bills for coming session
List of pre-filed bills HERE
Email notification of bill changes HERE (begins Jan 2003)
Texas to get half of all new Toyota dealerships in USA
Nigerian woman to be stoned to death expresses faith
May says going into chimney was stupid
Excerpts of purported bin Laden tape
Nov 14
Punish malicious computer hackers with life in prison
Satellites reveal hundreds of little-known primeval forests across US

Jacko unmasked: crowd gasps
R.J. Reynolds accused of shipping to Iraq, money laundering
Bush homeland security plan okayed by House
Willaim Safire commentary: “..here is what will happen to you:...”
Bill Moyers’ God-in-government remarks draw heat to PBS
Text of Moyers' commentary HERE
Teachers’ union broke laws in general election
Woman arrested for nude Bible reading
See her photo on TheSmokingGun.com HERE
Screwup burglar shoots off his own toe
Nov 15
Nov 16

Nov 17
Nov 18

Feds seek public comment, then plug ears
Military tribunals soon for Al Qaeda
U.T. phone books recalled over strip club ads
Roger Friedman on Michael Jackson: ENTIRE COLUMN HERE Terrible Jacko photos HERE
Operation “Home Cooking”
Leonid meteor shower (storm?) tonight
Don't respond to E-Card from "friendlygreetings.com"
COMMENTARY Poindexter's plan to know it all— about you
Homeland Security bill is now a whole lot more
Nov 19
More tapes: Tower of Americas restaurant scheme
Strategy meeting Tuesday for Bexar vote recount
Woman jailed for overdue library book
Gob of Elvis' hair in a jar sells for $115,000
Women pay more than men for the same services
Religion pokes nose into fuel economy: “What would Jesus drive?”
Black-White harmony IS the joke "...the site is a satire of the racial stereotypes..." THE WEBSITE
Segway scooters go on sale at amazon.com
Family prays over toddler's body, asking that he come back to life
Nov 20
Jacko dangles baby from 3rd-floor balcony
Union Pacific to S.A.: Screw You Won't share tracks for a Toyota plant
Billy Bob as Davy Crockett, Dennis Quaid as Sam Houston?
Dallas News poll on who should play whom
Carrollton rules no replica guns in public, minors can't own 'em
Mexico's plan for Baja tourism
“Bachelor” finalé tonight 8pm: Humiliation guaranteed!
Man kissed rattlesnake and got what he deserved
Pro-pot groups want to sue Drug Czar for his lies
Nov 21
Bexar not about to take doodoo from Union Pacific over track use by Toyota plant
My commentary about that
1 Pentagon: Yes, we do plan to snoop everybody's credit card transactions, airline flights, e-mail, Internet use, phone, bank records and every type of available public and private data
2 Safire commentary of Nov. 14th worth seeing again
3 FoxNews.com: A massive database that the government will use to monitor every purchase made by every American citizen is a necessary tool in the war on terror, the Pentagon said Wednesday.
4 Newsday: Among the records that would be collected and combed through, Aldridge said, are passports, visas, work permits, driver's licenses, credit cards, airline tickets, rental cars, gun purchases, chemical purchases, and those detailing events such as arrests or suspicious activities.
Calls for Jacko to be investigated as bad dad
$30M lottery winner doesn’t “ever want this problem again”
Something odd about the body in the morgue: a pulse
“The Bachelor” chose Helene: blondie went away bawling
Nov 22
SAPD to investigate self in wrong house raid
Berlin police won't investigate Jackson child incident
Bizarre Behavior Is Clouding Michael Jackson's Future
Padre gas drilling OK'd: Ridleys endangered?
Bribery charges for Calif. mayor and Browning-Ferris execs
Victoria's Secret primetime show riled viewers and FCC
Canada to Bush: nose out of our business
Longview cops nab sex toys, file charge of obscenity
Miss World riot kills 50, maybe 100
Nov 23
David Hendricks on who owns which tracks and why Toyota cares
Mesquite rodeo boss told women to wear cotton panties
San Antonio SWAT wrong-house raid on Drudge website today
Nov 24 day off
Nov 25
Charity Navigator 1700 charities listed
Charity Watch American Institute of Philanthropy
Wise Giving Alliance Better Business Bureau
I have tried to look up the local Purple Heart organization several places without success. One Texas report said it claims to have a level of income below the threshold that requires public reporting. I have been curious about what percent of a donated vehicle's value actually goes to the group, and what it really does with its money. Anyone with answers please email me. Thanks!
British News of the World reports likely start of Iraq bombing is December 16th
Python wakes up hungry, eats a little boy
House blowed up real good
P.E. teacher offers extra credit for breast flashing
Mom sells baby for $2K to buy PlayStation and go to bar
Dog into river, man and woman follow, none return
Muslim lawyers hear Dershowitz, then decry free speech
Trial delayed in Mickey Thompson execution-murder
Reporters who want to cover Iraq combat get US training
Newsweek on Total Information Awareness scheme
British thought police jail man who advocated equality
Nov 26
Texas agency hits shoddy S.A. new-house plumbing Homeowners for Better Building hobb.org
Half of Americans don't want their kids to be soldiers
Parents croak when they see school yearbook photos
Protective escorts for travelers through Nuevo Laredo
Big outbreak of pumpkin-shot cars in Massachusetts
Teaching the skills of moral reasoning
Nov 27 day off
Nov 28 day off
Medina Lake targets “beachcombing trespassers”
Dallas News poll: negative race cost Sanchez
Our loyal ally Saudi Arabia miffed at anti-Princess talk
Everwood, Smallville, The Bachelor ratings superstars
Cage-Presley split | Blake’s new lawyers | Crowe “coldest”
Virtual attack shows internet could be brought down
Inventor has sold only 12 Pet Doorbells so far
Who's planting the lacy underwear?
Cranberry Hotline callers are “all frantic”
What we know about first Thanksgiving is almost all wrong
Nov 29