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Darwin Awards
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Mandatory Vehicle Emissions Tests proposed for S.A.
The Clean Air Plan S.A. elected officials' phones and email Ditto the AACOG Board how "poor" you'll have to be to get your car fixed free with other people's money (their silly LIRAP Program)
Hurricanes and tropical storms Hurricane Center
POLL RESULTS "Clean Air" Plan Mayor race Bush priorities

Oct 31

How much will someone pay for Elvis' hair?
Detroit News: hair collecting
Martha Stewart Profits Fall 42%
'Radio Day' at White House mostly tunes out Democrats
Move to ban aluminum bats
Winona in court in see-thru dress The Dress
Winona Ryder gave two stories
Oct 30
Texas steps up investigations of physicians
Has your doctor been disciplined? Look it up here
Bush true to GOP causes? Another example of No
Man shot in pants-pocket accident
Oct 29
Winona Ryder in court on 31st birthday today
Astronomers probe the basic questions again
FDA almost paralyzed on food label issue
Oct 28
George W. Bush QUOTES calendar
Man arrested for microwaving girlfriend's dog
Teen girl says boss at McDonald's made her "jog naked"
Man sentenced in sex-with-chicken case
Rescued-restored WWII P-38 "Glacier Girl" flies after 60 years
The Lost Squadron Museum
Some Glacier Girl links
What WAS that gas the Russians used?
Survivor stories
Controversy over Moscow's secrecy
Who really invented the bra, and other uplifting news
FBI's "lone anthraxer" theory doubted by other experts
Bush-Fox relationship degrades to "formal and tense"
Winona Ryder trial starts today
How ditchdigger for Mussolini plays a role in war on terror
Prof who faked gun statistics leaves Emory University
So-called experts suspect bin Laden has a nuke

Oct 27
Oct 26

Inducted Oct. 26, 2002 in the News Person category with Eddie Barker, Alex Burton, Walter Cronkite, Robert B. McEntire, Joe Holstead, Porter Randall and Bob Schieffer. My work in this category was mostly 20 and 30 years ago.
Oct 25
Fireants make noise: A&M fireant website
The "malleable truth" from President Bush
"I Shot a Baby and It Felt Good!"
Hair reportedly not a match in Central Park beating case
Man, 49, goes after girl, 12, online
Michael O'Rourke: Senator Gramm calls to say he loves Michael
Tomorrow: largest anti-war demonstration since Vietnam?
Oct 24
Oct 23
Money trail leads back to PGA
Carlos Guerra: Indictments challenge us to make true campaign reforms "Seven individuals directly connected to the PGA Village Project gave at least $87,911 to council members between January 2001 and July 2002," the researchers say. "And $43,650, about half, was given within 2 months of the April 5 (council) vote for the PGA Village."
Dallas Morning News San Antonio puts best face on arrests
San Antonio Express News DA Reed announces indictments of nine people
San Antonio Mayor will talk with Toyota while in Japan for goo-goo tree-hugger conference
•Info on conference
•More about it
Oct 22
District Attorney indicts "political machine" for bribery, organized crime, other public corruption
"Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed announced indictments this afternoon against nine people, including a city councilman, a former city councilman and three men who have served on the Alamo Community College District board."
Rick Casey, San Antonio Express-News Judge M'Liss Christian: "...there is a public scandal here."
Judicial commission denies it 'cleared' Christian
Brad's commentary today about M'Liss Christian (with info links)
Anthrax vaccine leads some to leave military
Poll finds most Americans support bullet fingerprinting
NRA sticker not cause for search, appeals court rules
Heston takes last lap for his cause: guns
Kirk, Cornyn run on out-of-state cash
Yet another conference on global warming
Canada pot debate makes US uneasy
Ex-Louisiana governor in prison in Ft. Worth
Oct 21

Poison Ivy in Texas

Local judge not cleared by Judicial Commission "Statements that the allegations against the judge were ‘baseless’ or that (the) judge has been ‘cleared’ of misconduct or ‘exonerated’ of wrongdoing are false and misleading to the public..."
Screwed up congress— no outside probe of 9/11
Farewell to an infant who becomes a little angel
Galveston boys stone cat to death
Man caught squeezing hamster's head is arrested
Man killed "government spy robot" guinea pig
Source claims Martha Stewart to be charged with fraud
Washington Post: Bush "enhances facts" in war talk
Oct 20
Radio industry has problems with payola-like practice
Texas firm to import cheaper drugs from Canada (downloads a Wall Street Journal web page which you then open)
Best-detailed Mars photos ever: See "Inca City" up close "In 1972, Mariner 9 returned images that showed ridges on Mars that intersect and appear to rise from layered material near the south pole. The puzzling features were dubbed Inca City, and their origin has never been understood. Scientists thought they were sand dunes, possibly old ones that had been buried, hardened, and then exposed again. Other researchers figured they might be dikes of molten rock. A new image from the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) reveal the ridges to be part of a larger circular structure that's about 53 miles (86 kilometers) across."

Oct 19
U.S. says bin Laden's terrorists financed by a dozen people, mostly Saudi Arabians
Oct 18
Michael O'Rourke: Time flies when you have the flu
Ads that don't exist: Virtual ads set for world series
Oct 17
Majors leave homeowners, independent insurance agents in Texas experience a boom
U.S. not certain Korea has the bomb
Saudis Fail to Crack Down on Charities That Finance Terrorists
Texas ex-gun dealer Tom Bean's case argued at Supreme Court
Story with more details of this terrible injustice
ACLU questions Pentagon role in sniper probe
Israeli intel: Bin Laden dead, heir chosen
$2M lawsuit: she's in the “Church of Body Modification" so Costco shouldn't have fired her for eyebrow ring
The "church" website
Oct 16
Bexar voting may not start on time
Intelligence planes to help hunt Washington sniper
All you want to know about the intelligence planes
Sniper left clues this time
airport noise plan defeated by Northern Hills
Wal-Mart launches test of online DVD rentals
Election three weeks away, Gov. Bush in trouble in Florida
AOL says it will phase out popups
Southwest Alaskans say bird is the size of a small plane
"Coupchiak got on the radio and warned people in Togiak to tell their children to stay away."
Oct 15
Metabolife lobbying: Wentworth says he broke no law
Dallas council to consider "no smoking" in restaurants
US Supreme Court to hear Texas Gun Dealer case
Tomorrow: Oct. 16, 2001, Enron announced disastrous results for its third quarter, including the disappearance of $1 billion of net worth
Public on Hillary presidential bid: No, no and no
Colombian farmers say legal crops sprayed "in the most ambitious U.S.-driven effort to date."
Woman leaving AA meeting arrested on drunken driving suspicion
Oct 14
When sound is red: people with mixed senses
Robot maid that does the ironing
Jitters about a new U.S. attack on Iraq have driven oil prices up nearly 50 percent this year
Travis County suspects illegal lobbying by Sen. Jeff Wentworth and Rep. Rick Green
Democrat Tony Sanchez ... campaign [is] costliest, longest and one of the most negative the state has seen.
Newsweek: If Saddam Disappears power would pass to his sons who may be worse than the father
Man spotted by neighbors using a pumpkin to sexually gratify himself is sentenced ( mugshot of Pumpkin Lover )
Stocks: "Everything I own sucks," he said.
Bush White House info vaccuum: Tensions have escalated far beyond the inevitable grousing
Oct 13
Oct 12

CLEAN AIR PLAN info moved to October Headline archive 10/12/2002

San Antonio City Council phones and email
Guadalupe Commissioners email
New Braunfels City Council email
Floresville City Council? I can't find a web page for 'em
• Guadalupe County Commissioners passed it 10/8 with no tailpipe test provision
Comal Commissioners passed it Oct. 3 with NO tailpipe testing. County judge said commissioners got LOTS of email.
• Wilson Commissioners passed Clean Air Plan Sept. 23.
San Antonio city council considers the "Clean Air" Plan soon. San Antonio City Council phones and e-mail

My poll of Council members started 9/24:
John Sanders
"NO on tailpipe tests."
Bobby Perez
Carroll Schubert doesn't favor pipe tests.
Julian Castro
PROBABLY NO on tailpipe tests.
Toni Moorhouse
leaning toward NO.
David Carpenter
probably won't support tailpipe tests.
Enrique Barrera
leaning between "wide open" and YES.
In 3rd week of of being invited: Kike Martin and David Garcia. Bonnie Conner out of country 'til 16th.
More on "Clean Air" Plan

Oct 11
Looks like a man nabbed by the FBI cut a deal to bust the San Antonio vote sellers, to make things easier on himself
Whole city council subpoenaed except for Bon Con who's in Europe on vacation
Trace Adkins - crushed, really - cancels S.A. concert
Jimma Cotta wins Nobel Peace prize
Bush's drug czar, who walks with the dinosaurs, badmouths pot decrim proposal on Arizona's November ballot
Judges try humiliations to fit the crime
Earth First first-time tree sitter falls out and dies
They're out to steal your new xenon headlights
"Amber Alert is what brought our daughter home."
Catholics flock to movie condemned by bishops
5th plane on 9/11 would have hit White House?
ABC kills "Push, Nevada" and "That Was Then"
What older women want, men can't deliver?
Planet found orbiting a star which you can see
Oct 10
FBI: Councilmen on the take
My commentary today: Resign!
Tarrant sheriff wary of Amber overuse
U.S. used nerve agents in open-air tests
Bush linked to Harken off-books deal
Miss America MAY talk about chasity now
California bank sells $650,000 house to speculator at $190,000 below value after $51.56 payment error
'Stupid' Airport Security Rules Dropped
Oct 9
Council bribes alleged: John Sanders and Enrique "Kike" Martin arrested by FBI Express-News website story
Miss America told to hush up about chastity
Sniper note: "I am God"
New fuel tanks banned on Edwards Aquifer
Troops were subjected to toxic testing in USA
"...chemical warfare agents were used during exercises on American soil, in Alaska, Hawaii and Maryland..."
Reports on Texas hospitals' patient care
Guadalupe County okays Clean Air Plan with no committment to vehicle emissions testing
Bexar County joins commuter rail district
Sen. Wentworth is paid for services, at discount
At first two Miss North Carolinas, now none
New toy gun so realistic, who can tell?
Animals euthanized as whites flee Zimbabwe farms
Oct 8
Rescue needed for property rights edict
Oct 7
Bush Dancing | United We Dance
Bugbear email virus rampant, can turn off virus protection
How 0% financing destroys a car's value (download)
Text of President Bush's Iraq speech 10/7
Today's 8:15 a.m. commentary Bexar considers commuter rail
S.A.-Austin rail district effort gets another look
Commentary: Dick Morris Times poll on Iraq used slanted questions
Sailors used U.S. credit cards in a brothel
Man burglarizes neighbor's home then holds yard sale
Oct 6
Here they come foaming at the mouth: state CRAVES 40-buck car inspections, tailpipe tests
Death of Disgraced Priest Brings Conflict Over Burial
Edwards to criticize Bush foreign policy
Saddam's inner circle heading for cover
Golden arches losing luster McDonald's shares have now lost 70 percent of their value since 1998
Oct 5
Where I was Sunday Dive! Dive! (blurry)
The worst grandma's house
Parents send 8-year-old boy to steal
Calendar shows anyone can be homeless
Gay activists move in across from Falwell's church
Alleged would-be terrorist worked at mayors office
Quantum cryptography aims at secure communication
Oct 4
Who paid for Democrat "Jane Fondas" trip to Iraq
Research projects to make fun o
Final public hearing on PGA Village
Internet slowed by Worldcom outage
Prisoners say 9/11 was first of three planned "increasingly severe" attacks
Women's gift parties are pyramid scam
"Redneck sports fan" wins T-shirt issue
Oct 3
What Texas may do about insurance
Hawkish U.S. approach losing favor
Bush gets support for move on Iraq
Navy, Marines Begin War Games With Kuwait
C.I.A. won't report on preparations for war in Iraq
Two lawmakers call Iraq trip patriotic
Al Ahram: Opinion Iraq is really about nukes
The New Scientist World's funniest joke
IC Wales (with joke link) World's funniest joke no laughing matter!
US radio/TV ownership rules poised to slide the rest of the way to Hell in a handbasket
The ol' collodial silver scam Wacko self-cure turns man blue-gray
Oct 2
House backs Bush: Senate still talking
Wentworth sells Senate office
Related: my commentary 9/30 Wentworth: Which is the Real Lie?
Rosa Parks wants "black ass" OUT of "Barbershop"
Canada invites foreigners to settle rural areas
Blonds and blondes to survive, after all
U.S. backs killing Saddam
Americans bored with fast food: Stocks and sales are off
Oct 1

Large turnout for PGA Village hearing
Commentary: Paul Krugman "...the worst thing of all would be if our leadership decides that economics is not its thing, if it simply tries to distract the public from rising unemployment and plunging stocks by going off and invading someone."
Washington POST: "...with Saddam Hussein the villain of the hour and the Sept. 11 mastermind's coordinates still unknown, Osama bin Laden has fallen entirely from Bush's lexicon."
D.C. mayor says non-citizens should vote
Ozone Hole "unusually small"
USA sent germ strains to our friend Iraq in 1980s
Doctors grow pig teeth in rat intestines not a joke
Bank robber's gun goes off in his pocket