Some websites don't keep material a real long time,
so some of these links will expire.

Fri June 21
How does your property appraisal compare with your neighbors’ evaluations? CLICK HERE
Jobs melting away at maquiladoras
Circuit City sees DVDs big, quits VCR tape sales
Durango Colorado fire expands, stops tourist train
Man who wore lingerie on trial for murder
Llama-beating teen gets 3 years
Israeli TV can’t tolerate liberal Ted Turner’s personal opinion?
Lesbian forced to wear dress for senior yearbook picture
Americana: No longer a general interest in measuring loose hay
Berkeley may pass city law banning coffee which isn’t politically correct
Thur June 20
New tax coming from River Authority
Justice Dep’t says military can decide who’s to be classified as not deserving an attorney
EPA says memo “Fish lives saved by Toxic Sludge” is really the fault of Army Engineers
Drug lord in prison orders missile, prison boss involved
Smoke changing weather patterns in tropics
Regarding the castration of snails for Science
Southwest Airlines defends fat-people policy
Ebay bids on Capt. Kirk’s chair $80K at last report
Wed June 19
Look up a Catholic bishop
Southwest to charge extra for jumbos in jets
Colorado fire set “on purpose” by Forest Service woman
Same story in Denver Pos
Toddler home with dead mom up to 10 days
NY grand jury hits Roman Catholic church for “orchestrated effort to protect abusing clergy members”
See the most horrible new kind of ad banner by clicking on the formerly-okay Dallas Morning News website
Burial today - finally - for teenager who spent 80 years in a Calvert, Texas funeral home
Pro baseball balking at steroid tests for players
High School thong checker demoted
EPA says toxic sludge is good for fish (not satire: REAL!)
Dad accidentally shoots son with Fathers’ Day handgun
Windows hit with new self-propagating worm
Skeptic Paul Kurtz believes only in facts— not UFOs, Bigfoot or organized religion
Tue June 18
Terrorists marrying Forest Service women!
Quantum Teleportation which “takes a nanosecond — one billionth of one second — will soon be used for teleporting matter.”
BBC’s story on teleportation
Man blows stack in squeegee standoff at McDonald’s
Onlooker attacked with pipe after asking couple having sex: “Are you having fun?”
Man charged with licking women's feet at supermarket
NY strip club using Three Firemen photo to promote
Mon June 17
FBI accused of passing secrets to USA
Newest auto radar detectors mess up business data signals
Who was Deep Throat? John Dean’s (latest) theory
“Hippo” woman may sue
Bishops decide to punish bishops for coverups after sex-abuser priest transfers No, wait, they didn’t. Never mind.
Colorado Fires website (may be very very very busy) and Denver Post story on the firestarter
A story about the controversial Subaru “bunny ad” (which I saw again on cable Sunday night)
Russian scientists trapped on iced-in ship in Antarctic
Sun June 16
Bush order: topple Saddam
Watergate: J-students say Pat Buchanan Deep Throat
Clue in Utah kidnap case
Alaska warming and thawing
Ice sheet meltoff
Mozilla kills popup ads

Sat June 15
Martha Stewart captured near border as CEOs attempt mass escape from USA thru El Paso
Fri June 14
Brad-- I found a website that shows where the GOV wants to move nuke waste this link. Patrick S
Thur June 13
The tragic story of Gumby and Pokey
Wed June 12

Catholic curious— look up your bishop
NY Times: website Don’ts
Politically-correct New York Firemen’s flagraising statue won’t be— it is killed by controversy
Shoe Bomber judge: airplane isn’t a vehicle
9/11 suspect held 8 months, then sees judge
BMW’s Mini Cooper to be sold at only one Texas location— San Antonio
Replica of Columbus’ Niña may be Corpus Christi marina star

A man who police say castrated another man on his kitchen table faces possible charges
Suspect says he has castrated at least 50 willing men
David Nachman has stuttered since the age of 3
Plot to attack American and British naval ships in the Straits of Gibraltar.
Asteroid impact wiped out the dinosaurs, new fossil evidence suggests
Tony Sanchez is suspending his Democratic gubernatorial campaign for a few days because of his mother’s death
Website poaching
Tue June 11
It’s Here comes Gumby Week!
Teen poisons dad: wanted “new computer room”
Look at this law firm’s real website: how could you not like ’em?
A new kind of science by a former teenage particle physicist
Martin Sheen stumps for Reno in Florida

Pez convention moved after flap over $3 sale
Raquel Welch reinvented as a Latina
Germany won’t help US get “20th hijacker” Moussaoui because of death penalty
Climate numbers were cooked
“Mutilated corpse” in hotel bathroom sparks $10M lawsuit

Mon June 10
Here comes Gumby!
Gumby websites

Kelly cleanup plan won't fix the problems
Eleven Mexicans dead of heat after crossing border
Techies on verge of low-cost wireless broadband
Pentagon insists real rats not being used
Spider in your ear!
Tabloid writer warned off Kinnear penis story

Fri June 7
San Antonio archbishop loses memory
Bishops’ draft on sex abuse avoids problems and offers questionable solutions
Abuse Victims Sue to Void Secrecy Provisions of Settlements With Church
PGA petition drive falls short, gets 20 more days to find 13,000+ additional signers
Cabinet-level Homeland Security Agency: great new idea or bureaucratic mess?
Women who love men who can't dress themselves

Atta tried to buy twin-engine plane “to cropdust”

Why did FBI investigate New Orleans brothel?
America’s dogs polluting the environment
Thur June 6
ACLU on eased FBI restrictions
Rumors and internet hoaxes from snopes.com

Confiscating private property to give to businesses (link is to the Castle Hills Baptist Church story)

Houston-area 55mph limit to bite the dust
Fingerprint may affect Darlie Routier case
Texas Att’y General slowed consumer-fraud action
U.S. National Guard investigation
Catholic “One Free Child Molestation” idea may die

Teen playing dead in traffic ends up that way

Wed June 5
San Antonio to have CowParade!
Got it 9 times a day from teenage boy
California might raise smoking age to 21, highest in USA
Einstein theory questioned
Bush backs away from new global warming report

Tue June 4
2002 Hooters calendar
CIA says FBI knew too
Bishops recommend one free molestation for priests, punishment for second time
But L.A. Archdiocese will go for zero tolerance
Egypt’s president says he warned the US a week before 9-11 that something big was coming— but not THAT big
Lutheran sex abuse cases make news in East Texas
First-ever NSA ad campaign aimed at US military
New trial likely for Burdine in Sleeping Lawyer Case

US Army Engineers polluting Potomac River
Wacko nutcase attacked Memphis coroner
Jesus Inspirational Sports Statues upset columnist

Winona Ryder hurt at hearing, which resumes Thursday
Yeah, pot IS better now than in 1970s
Russian lawmakers want to eliminate foreign slang
White House defends global warming report 180° turnaround
Mon June 3
Homeland Security bill pork
Newsweek: the hijackers we let escape
Medical examiner tied with barbed wire rigged to a bomb
Anti-government attitudes in Oregon and elsewhere

Dallas meeting of US bishops to be about sex abuse only
“Sensitive” communication gear sold on eBay
Concert tickets: higher and higher
Al Qaeda sends an attack warning to USA
Network TV anchors do not wear panties (that we know of)
Scientific query: why kangaroos pass less gas than do cattle
Witness against al Qaeda: the USA let me down
New independence of FBI field offices
Pet bereavement counselors help people cope
(Rainbow Bridge essay for you who have lost a beloved pet)
Sun June 2
San Antonio School District’s over-the-top reaction to its embarrassment over awarding high-cost contracts
Texas considers making it virtually impossible for foreigners to get drivers licenses— an exception for Canadians but NOT Mexicans!
Klez earns title of worst virus ever
"New" parrot discovered: vulture neck, orange head
Express-News Special: a look at the North Side
Sat June 1
San Antonio may host new Mustang Express regional airline
Border state Chihuahua considering legalizing pot
U.S. argues war detainee shouldn't have a lawyer
Cigarette smuggling is really smokin’ in eastern US
13-year-old makes winning helicopter bid on eBay
Girl shows Grandpa’s funny money at school
Bush pushes deeper US military involvement in Colombia