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Sun Mar 31
PGA issue thru mayor’s eyes Go
Mayor: “living wage” now biggest issue Go
Lovett out of hospital Go
Odyssey probe sees erosion on Mars Go
Civil War rifle on OU professor’s wall triggered “school violence” policy Go
Opinion: Maureen Dowd on Hollywood Go
Sat Mar 30
Uncle says Lyle Lovett saved his life Go
Killer jackrabbits (sort of) terrorize California Go
PGA sweetheart tax cut to 13 years Go

Fri Mar 29

Now they’re the Park Police Go
Wants school bathrooms for lesbians Go

$301,000 in grocery bags raises suspicion Go
Teen flips out, steals ambulance, drives to funeral viewing Go
theonion.com - Congress: drugs now legal if user is employed
Heart of the internet and root of all e-mail Go
Schools banning kids’ “cops ’n’ robbers” games Go
Archbishop punishes writers of Letters to the Editor Go
Archbishop issues an apology Go

Thur Mar 28

Feds give feds OK to pollute Go
Slave reparations “unlikely” Go
Mayor: no public vote on PGA Village Go
Bank snubs Boy Scouts, loses $3.8M account Go
Town snubbed by Tom Hanks Go
Housecat helps 7-year-old girl escape from child abuser Go
Drastic price cut in high-end animation software Go
Man criminally charged for talking too long at meeting Go
FBI ordered to tell more about Carnivore e-mail robot Go
Lyle Lovett and His Large Band Bull Go

Texas and Kansas wheat threatened by stripe rust Go
Pilots want all A300-600 Airbus planes grounded Go
Now Barry wants an apology over drug incident Go

Wed Mar 27

Descendants of slaves sue descendants of companies that profited from slavery Go

Cockpit tape “seems to confirm that the passengers acted heroically” Go
What part of NO don't you understand after 2,986 letters of rejection? Go
Teen Questionnaire could bring Child Protective Services investigations Go
Why radio is rapidly disappearing from the internet Go

Do stock analysts have ANY credibility? Go
Dowd: church still in denial Go
9-11 Pentagon cover-up conspiracy Go
...and the other side of that story Go
Yates preacher thought just about everyone will go to hell Go
Hundreds of ex-Enron women contact Playboy about “new career opportunity” Go
Tiny Villafane slims down to 394 pounds and feels “great!” Go
As Americans grow old with their youthful illegal drug habits Go

Tue Mar 26
Oscars had lowest ratings ever Go
Nude lawnmowing by 63-year-old man okay Go
PGA Village vote delayed a week Go
Bus baggage screening may be coming Go
Houston D.A. looking at Russell Yates Go
Barry drug incident followup Go

The cheapest people awards Go
Supreme Court revisiting mandatory sentencing Go
Return fire in US/Canada trade war Go
Serial killer action figures available on 'net Go his website Go
Highly-taxed smokes going to $6 in New York stores Go
Locals know where Shadow Gov't is Go
Chinese losing millions in Las Vegas Go
Britney hissed by fans at movie premiere Go
Is the language of physics also the language of God? Go
Condit subpoena Go

Mon Mar 25
Texans want immigration tightened Go
Garza makes progress on PGA project Go
Southern ice sheets breaking up Go
But is “global warming” really global cooling? Go

Louis Rukeyser canned from Wall Street Week Go
Nigerian woman set for stoning death wins appeal Go
The Seinfeld Curse? “Watching Ellie” ratings: the trend is grim Go
Dad knocks repair quality, son kills him Go

Sun Mar 24
Blacks win best actor / actress Oscars Go
Privacy invasion resented Go
Maureen Dowd opinion: “the Vatican Rag” Go
Wimberly to vote May 4 on dissolving city Go
Drivers resent blue headlights and high SUV lights Go
3rd grade strip search Go
McDonald’s trying to improve Go
Man vandalizes corpse show Go
Three New Mexico fires burn 30+ homes Story 1 | Story 2
Dr. Scholl’s inventor dies at 81 Go
Robot soccer tourney set for Korea Go
San Antonio cat killer quietly acquitted last week Go
MIT student‘s Afghanistan “roving multimedia reporter” robot Go

Sat Mar 23

Mayor takes initiative to save PGA Village plan Go
Governor Perry raises possibility of Mexican produce boycott over water debt Go
9-11 hijacker was treated for anthrax? Go
Boston priest sinned time and again
Church sent detective after accuser

Untold anguish for Washington state lawmakers Go
Americans very interested in telemarketing opt-out plan Go
Google restores pages critical of Scientology

Hillary’s brother took $240K from couple pardoned by President Go

Fri Mar 22

Mayor’s new PGA Village plan Go
Collar “shameful” to innocent N.Y. priests Go
Ex-altar boy: “abused by priest 100 times” Go
Washington priest suspended over admitted relationship with teenaged girl Go
Related cases, but non-catholic Go
Scientologists cow Google into removing search links to site considered enemy Go
Calvin & Hobbes sticker a free speech issue Go
Forced haircut leads to lawsuit Go
Andrea Yates transferred, becomes inmate number 1087566 Go
First Alliance Mortgage busted for predatory lending Go
Park Service to surveil all WxDC monuments Go
Thur Mar 21
Pacific and European U.S. commanders say the military is now spread too thin Go
Two grown men fined over “fart spray” Go
Woman whacks her friend with high heel shoe Go
Scanners that show naked bodies might not be approved Go
Why condoms hang in trees in Australia Go
Is “sex-crazed woman” really a man? Go

Wed Mar 20
Americans in Philippines get OK for combat Go
Bush wants amnesty for hundreds of thousands of Mexican illegals Go
NY archbishop claims abuser priests will be reported Go
Maureen Dowd on priesthood and other male-run endeavors Go
Southwest revives Friends Fly Free discount Go
How to make a quick $100 illegally Go
bin Laden’s cave men on internet using laptops Go

Tue Mar 19
Accused-molester priest “on leave” found in another church Go
Nigerian woman set to be stoned to death for alleged adultry Go
Family says bin Ladin still alive, doesn't require dialysis Go
Terrorists casing American kids’ schools, other “soft” targets Go
Flat-bottomed mystery fish washes up on Florida beach Go

Mon Mar 18
Yates jurors say confession and photos of dead kids were most influential Go
Cop makes fake 911 call to draw female cop out of room, so the men could stay and watch porn Go
Burger King first chain to offer veggie burgers starting today Go
Former warden stages goodwill event for ex-prisoner who was freed by DNA evidence after 14 years Go
Tipper Gore won’t run for Senate Go
TV network news under the microscope Go

Sun Mar 17
Extended PGA Village sweetheart tax deal could net developers another $20-million Go
Catholic abuse scandal only beginning Go
Catholics’ trust crisis allayed by faith GoWhy is a 5-cent anthrax pill $5? Go
Mexican city fighting cop corruption: traffic tickets carry no fines Go
Scholar says Chinese beat Columbus to America and were first to circumnavigate the globe Go

Sat Mar 16
PGA draft agreement on city website Go
Mayor: PGA vote may be delayed
CNN drops anchor whose topless photo was one of the all-time champion hit magnets on this website Go
INS shuffles bodies, calls it a cleanup Go
Taliban John's attorneys just remembered! After 9-11, he wanted out! Go
Congress plants more $ in farm subsidy bill GoOPINION: Roddy Stinson on Islam in Texas schools
Fri Mar 15
PGA Village $etup now include$ many more $ for developer$ Go
Killer sues over prison guards interrupting sleep Go

New airport security systems sniff for bombs AND drugs AND can look right through your clothes Go
Thur Mar 14
Why another 5 years added to Sweetheart Tax deal for PGA Village? It’s a $ecret! Think it may involve $tuffing developer$’ pocket$? Go
Disabled men arguing over handicapped parking space whip out a cane sword and a 9mm handgun Go
Houston judge says accused child molester has right to cross dress at trial Go
New Netscape Navigator browser is capturing your search engine terms and quietly phoning home
Mar 9 - 13 vacation
Fri Mar 8
Management sued for allegedly stealing tips at Boston area restaurants Go
Air pollution junk science from EPA Go
Can’t get along with co-workers? Sue the company! Go
Superman’s lawyers go after Kryptonite shampoo
Thur Mar 7
GAO report on lynx fur fakery Go
Woman left hit-run victim trapped in garage until he died
Columbine photos might be shown Go
Schoolboy dressed as Jesus is called Little Bo Peep
“The two then got into a fight...”
Lightning result: 85,000 dead smelly chickens
Mrs. Condit in a snit but TV show won’t apologize
Seinfeld's $1.4M garage irks neighbors
Wed Mar 6
Albert Ortiz to be new San Antonio police chief (he’s a good guy) Go
Baba Wawa on Koppel: "To be treated as dispensable and irrelevant is thoughtless and hurtful." Go
Afghanistan: American SEAL dragged off by al-Qaida men Go [ CNN update Go ]
7-year-old in trouble for pointing a cap gun at other kids Go
Gary Condit out on his butt
Real roots radio, live from a 14-foot camper
Philadelphia Daily News now running pet obituaries Go
Denver deputies mistakenly put teen girl in cell with man who attacks teen girls: she was attacked, too Go
No more PETA for Cindy Crawford Go
American Airlines in tiff with air marshals Go

Tue Mar 5

U.S. won’t let Gitmo hunger-strikers starve Go
“Ames” strain of anthrax NOT from Iowa-- it’s from Texas! Go

Army promotion process discriminates against white men Go
"Patriotic” bin Laden lawn ornament vandalized Go
Jane Fonda in Vietnam: a balanced report Go

Child-molesting priests in Maine must confess to parishioners Go
Claim priests’ rights are being trampeled Go
So. California priests ordered to retire Go
Catholics claim newspaper is after them Go
Jesse Jackson Expose “Shakedown” is published Amazon.com
Koppel defends Nightline amid Letterman threat Go
Georgia crematory incinerator was never broken Go
Photos of decomposed bodies on office computer Go
Mother set pet rats on 14-month-old baby’s face!
Couple in stranger’s driveway has sex on trunk of red Dodge Go
Sun Mar 3 - Mon Mar 4
Evolving story of flag raised by three firemen over World Trade Center ruins Go
Institute For Justice fights eminent domain misuse Go
Councilman Castro against PGA Village Go
Biologists who faked species evidence WON’T be prosecuted!
Jeff Greenfield loses his show on CNN Go
Crossing gate hits man’s head, kills him Go
Florida reporters decline to say Pledge of Allegiance Go
Florida incest produced 9 children Go
Louisiana con gets 3.5 years for monkey theft Go
Short firefighter sues over tall equipment Go
U.S. feared a nuke was in NYC Go
Tonya Harding to box Paula Jones March 13
Monica Lewinsky special Sunday on HBO
Sat Mar 2
Biologists faked species evidence but WON’T be prosecuted! Nando Go | Wash. Times Go
Nine of the 9/11 terrorists were screened that morning Go
Cop unsatisfied with pot taco Go
Monica suspended for hamster caper Go
Now a Chinese version of “Friends” Go
The “real dope” on anthrax scare at fort Go
Dog stays with dead master 12 days
Fri Mar 1

Morales Backs off all-Spanish debate format, says will also use English Go
$5M judgment for San Marcos girl over humiliating “Wild Party Girls Spring Break” video [EXPIRED LINK]
5,000 pound van “didn't feel that heavy” as 5' 2" woman rescued trapped husband Go
Burglar, 30, caught in neighbor's place wearing Tweety Bird bib and diaper Go
ABC trying to lure Letterman from CBS: “Nightline” would be killed off Go
Rosie O'Donnell: “I’m a dyke!” Go