Some websites don't keep material a real long time, so some of these links will expire.

Thur Feb 28
Archdiocese urges council to deny PGA Village Go
“Miss Congeniality’s” Stuffed Pig Incident
Not a penis, after all
But in THIS story, it WAS one!
FAA Red Team fooled $1M airport luggage-scanners Go
Montana group accused of plotting to kill Go
Denver photo-radar tickets thrown out Go

Wed Feb 27
Woman caught between bed and wall 9 days Go
Battered Teen: a story of a teen, and batter Go
$33M Lottery winner nervous, hides in restroom Go
Two-headed moose fetus grosses people out Go
Nude Bungee Boys dangle off bridge Go
“West Wing” jerk bashes Brokaw's Bush story Go

Tue Feb 26
SanAntonioLightning.com on Shields-Wentworth Go
Tillie Tooter will testify in trial Go
Internet “dorm voyeur cams” can stay on Go
Suit filed against AOL for unauthorized charges Go
Coach suspended for biting off sparrow’s head Go
Psychic accused of $300,000 swindle Go
Report: 25% of booze drunk by underage kids Go

Mon Feb 25
Gatesville puts pets to death with car exhaust Go
Fireman's fake marriage proposal at Olympics Go
Search on for Pearl’s murderers Go
On Friday’s Sanchez-Morales debate Go
Highschool boys: don’t make us wrestle girls Go

Sun Feb 24
Scientists see threat to aquifer Go
Constant U.S. air patrols may end Go
The Spies Who Called the Shots Go
Georgia town’s BB gun law debated Go
New clues suggest bin Laden alive Go
Website helped change farm policy Go
Look up anyone’s farm $ubsidy Go

Sat Feb 23
PGA Village: huge tax break Go
Sanchez campaign letter full of errors Go
Texas Death Row con with wants new artificial leg before he departs Go
Enron’s fake trading floor revealed Go
Wife in divorce won’t give up her dog Go

Fri Feb 22

Wade Cook losers are due refunds Go
Hit jackpot, had heart attack, money vanished Go
Drove across Pennsylvania with frozen body Go
Squirrel chased class out of classroom Go
Mexican cops to wear “anti bribery vests” Go
New tax laws too confusing Go
Thur Feb 21
Katie and Matt dis new Today show boss Go
Man sneaks 93 ponytails home Go
Kids get “candy” but it’s cat treats Go
1. Pot-for-Pain school science exhibit OK Go
2. Pot exhibit flops under pressure Go
Feds links smoking a joint to funding terrorism Go
Wed Feb 20
Tue Feb 19
FDNY taped inside WTC north tower Go
ATM keeps card, man then threatens bank robbery Go
Feminists cook the books, issue fake numbers Go
Wal-mart becomes world's #1 company Go
Mon Feb 18
Beaten for 13 items in express line Go
Severed penis found on carwash shelf Go
Virginia man survives fall into peanut pile Go

-- missing dates were vacation --

Fri Feb 8
Austin will allow bare breasts at Mardi Gras Go
Deck wood may harm children Go
Shoe-Bomb Suspect Didn’t Act Alone Go
Olympics open today Go
Six more Boston priests suspended Go
U.S. troops in Philippines told to not kiss in public Go
Thur Feb 7
Homeowners insurance decision near Go
U.S. can’t carry Ground Zero Flag Go
Lawyer warned Enron a year before Go
Hare Krishnas to file for bankruptcy Go
Apocalyptic science fiction series a smash Hit Go

Wed Feb 6
Lawmaker seeks Clear Channel probe Go
Enron’s $55M “retention” bonuses Go
Judge: women may jog naked in Maine Go
More than half of Americans now use web Go
Parents Television Council hits Fox show Go
Houston family defends its house prayer signs Go
Tanning Devices Double Skin Cancer Risk? Go

Tue Feb 5
PGA says put up or we're gone Go
State wants couple's baby
School menus full of ads Go
Kansas upholds extra punishment for gays Go
Bush budget has benefits for Texas Go
America's trees are dying coast to coast Go
Klamath water cutoff based on junk science Go

Mon Feb 4
Houston gets new 55mph signs Go
Huh? They're talking PRISON for Tom Lay? Go
For Boomers: “Forehead Lift Suction Probe” Go
Car emissions testers see full moon Go
Sun Feb 3
PGA Village a political hot potato Go
San Antonio key in Dem. governor’s race
New report on Enron’s “fictional profit” schemes Go
Roommates fight to death over lights-on or lights-off Go

Sat Feb 2
Companies Marketing Patriotism Go
Legal battle over “Let’s Roll” phrase Go
KENS-TV on Gerry Grant: he wanted children Go
NBC will try to lure males from Super Bowl shows Go

Fri Feb 1
Funeral held for Jessica Santos Go
Management rift at conglomerate that owns KTSA Go
Airport screening network would threaten privacy Go
Woman breastfeeds abandoned baby monkey Go