Some websites don't keep material a real long time, so across the months, some of these links will go bad.


Thur Jan 31
U.S. Nuke Plants targeted Go
Boston hid and protected molester priests Go
Another rape complaint against Tyson Go
What? Me? Have sex with a goat? Go

Sheriff‘s Deputy says he didn‘t use REAL feces Go

Wed Jan 30
Killer teen driver had no license Go
Bush: thousands of terrorists threaten US Go
How 101st Airborne Division lives in Afghanistan Go
Gov. Bush's daughter faces drug fraud charge Go
Muslim woman loses driver's license, files suit Go
“Jesus is Lord” signs bring Louisiana lawsuit Go
Andersen reportedly missed $644 million error Go
Fox News beats CNN for the first time Go
How Virginia failed her driver's test Go

Tue Jan 29
Noelle Bush busted for Rx drug Go
Bush brings Constitutional battle over energy files Go
Justice Dep't not happy with Olympics security Go
Global Crossing pulls an Enron: DNC head profited Go
Man carried gun on El Al flight Go
Aryan Nation founder kicked out Go

Mon Jan 28
Houston gets 55mph speed limit Go
Winter weather has been wacky Go
Yes, PGA Village has endangered species Go
Toys R Us cutting jobs, closing 27 stores Go
NJ history revision leaves out Founding Fathers Go
New “gender neutral” Bible planned Go
Widow gives $257K in dance lesson scam Go

Sun Jan 27
Judge to Miss Cleo: stop cheating Go
Car navigation system prices falling Go
“Detainees” would have more rights as POWs Go
Newly-found videotape recorded Flight 587 Go
Customer Service wanted complainer tortured Go

Power cuts at Russian space center over unpaid bill
Sat Jan 26
Powell to Bush: make ’em POWs Go
Taliban John wanted to have four wives Go
Highschool girl can't dress like a boy Go
Jesse Jackson to save Enron victims Go
Hollywood Park shortcut law beefed up Go
Smaller hospitals deny epidural painkiller for labor Go

Fri Jan 25
Saudis want US women in abayas Go
Church helped pedophile priests, not kids Go
Federal court restricts DNA test access Go
Girl puts hex on guy but it backfires Go
All News Radio Sees 12 Year Listening High Go
Study: Booze keeps you sharp! Go

Thur Jan 24
80 ran Enron shredders Go
Taliban John in 80-square-foot U.S. cell Go
Cops say YMCA promoted witchcraft Go
First time ever: jobs falling at maquiladoras Go
Census: what we like and what we are doing Go
Texas okays car insurance by the mile Go
Mammograms: maybe they help, maybe they don't Go
73% of farm $ubsidies go to Arkansas Go
Look up any farmer's government payments Go
Army didn't really end robes-for-women rule Go
Somalis cheer at “Black Hawk Down”Go
Kid who found $600 may get some $ after all Go
NYC considers "Towers of Light" display Go
“God Bless You” banned in NY schools Go
The Dad is taken off The Brady Bunch goods Go

Wed Jan 23
US drops discriminatory clothing in Saudi Arabia Go
We're fat: who can we sue? Go
Mariah Carey fired, gets $28M severance Go
58,000+ Middle East men in United States illegally Go
Connie Chung to CNN from ABC Go
Boy turned in $600 he found, now disappointed Go

Tue Jan 22
Kmart files for chapter 11 Go
Martha Stewart crucial to a Kmart turnaround Go
Enron keeps on shredding Go
Russian court orders closing of non-state TV Go
Gitmo prisoners get Fruit Loops for breakfast Go
Eat the raw deer liver or we call the cops Go
Georgia lawmaker: don't answer door naked Go

Mon Jan 21
American Taliban coming home Go
Brit paper says US torturing al Qaeda thugs
People who talk to their cars Go
Cheating by Fish and Wildlife, and Forest Service? Go
Another Body Solutions lawsuit Go

Sun Jan 20
“Sensory deprivation torture” of al Qaeda prisoners Go
Child murderer imagined 666 on her scalp Go
Enron's new $5-billion black hole Go

Sat Jan 19
China prez's new 767 bugged Go
Dee Howard says not in San Antonio Go
Honda to offer larger SUV Go
Shoebomb Boy sent e-mail about mission Go
$340K bank mistake, couple then spent it Go
My Weekly Reader is turning 100 Go

Fri Jan 18
FDNY statue sponsor “will consider new options” Go

Comic book superheroes visit 9/11
So fed up with Jehovah’s Witnesses Go

Lizards got Lizard Boy in the end Go

Charity watchdog group taking heat Go

Antarctica cooling? Warming? Scientists “uncertain” Go

Leftie enviro groups support fake-lynx studies Go

Thur Jan 17
FBI: where are these terrorists?Go
First public forum on PGA Village Go
Auditors got Enron heads-up 5 months ago Go
Had porkchops strapped to his feet Go
It wasn't Egyptian student's aircraft radio after all Go
Management shuffle at Kmart Go

Wed Jan 16
U.S. Special Forces to Philippines Go

American Taliban knew suicide missions were planned Go

Florida town mistakenly honors MLK’s killer Go

Student wins “Straight Pride” T-shirt case Go

Tue Jan 15
Deluxe doctor services for deluxe fee Go
Thousands of underground fires Go

Mon Jan 14
Citizens’ groups threaten PGA Village petition drive
Global warming? Tell it to the South Pole Go
Feds consider ban on Monarch butterfly shipping Go

Sun Jan 13
Did auditor order Enron docs destroyed? Go
Enron insider poobahs all sold high Go

Deadline Friday to screen all airport bags Go

Hard work: a popular TV show in Japan Go

Drug warriors have another(!) brilliant idea Go

Tourist from Ohio torches 3-story goat effigy Go

Fri Jan 11
Mayor demands PGA negotiation details Go
Federal judge won't allow fingerprint “experts” Go
Thur Jan 10
Public land at PGA Village could be closed to public Go
IRS lost 2300+ computers Go
Nissan to bring back the Z car Go
Arabs: “911 was the Jews' fault”
Faked species evidence investigated Go

Wed Jan 9
PGA Village sweetheart-tax expansion killed in crib Go
Tue Jan 8
Mayor now won't back expansion of PGA Village
sweetheart-tax zone Go
Brad's PGA Village page Go
Airlines: "Clean lists" and iris IDs
Wendy's founder dies at 69 Go
Citizens questioned for speaking out Go
CNN pulls "sexy" Paula Zahn promo Go

School principal wants one-way hallways Go

Mon Jan 7
Secret deal to expand PGA tax zone Go
Sun Jan 6

Warlords and guerrillas again run Jalalabad Go
Psychic City mediums' business booming Go

Death sentence for importing Bibles? Go

Woman claims she was beaten for driving too slowly
in Jack in the Box drive-thru lane Go
2002 Auto Show: "Cross-breeding" Go

Sat Jan 5
Cattle mutilations return to Montana Go
Internet program secretly tracked users Go

Fri Jan 4
U.S. lying in leaflets
Bulverde: limit building based on water? Go
Most-popular UK baby names are Jack & Chloe Go